Web Site Design and Development

The marketing cycle

A few questions before we start

Web sites are more likely to achieve their objectives if people visit the site, find it valuable, and come back frequently.  Effective web sites have several things in common, besides being visually appealing.

We start by understanding our clients objectives for the website like:

  1. What are your goals for the web site?
  2. Who are your target audiences?
  3. Why will these people find your web site useful?
  4. How do you articulate your competitive advantage or claim of distinction for these people?

We help our clients to design, develop and implement a site that achieves their objectives.  We worry about the details so our clients do not have to.

“Content is King!”

The messages and services provided on a web site are the most important contributors to the web site’s success.  We help our clients to define their messages and to determine how to deliver them in a compelling way.  Well written content usually produces a site that is easier for search engines to analyze and to rank more highly.  We can even help to write the copy if a client prefers.

Being able to find the required information easily is almost as important as the content itself.  We help our clients to design the navigation within the site that will be more likely to provide a positive user experience.


The context in which the messages are delivered is also important.  Photographers often have web sites with black backgrounds to show off their photography.  Sites targeted for business customers often differ from those intended for teenagers.  Greens and blues can support the calming image desired for a day spa.  Lots of action on a website may be preferred by companies selling their technology skills.  We help our clients to set the visual elements of their web site to provide the proper context in which their content is perceived.

Site Implementation:

We work to move from a well designed site to one that is developed to provide a good user experience, with efficient programming and easier maintenance.  The web site for one of our clients requires weekly updates.  We developed it to have almost all of the variable content on one page.  The result is a site that is much easier and less expensive to maintain.

We rescued the site of another client that was designed to reflect the premium quality of their products.  The original implementation included difficult navigation and functions that did not work properly.  By combining our marketing knowledge, design skills and implementation talents we were able to produce a more effective website.

And of course the web site needs to responsive to various display sizes on devices from smart phones to tablets and desktop displays.  Learn more about responsive web design and then get started.