Thinking like your customers increases sales.






Who? — What? — Where? — How? — Why?

Not all people think alike, so it is critical that you think like the ones most likely to be your customers.  Thinking like your customers think means you will be more likely to deliver products and services that they value.

  • Who are your customers?: The answer may seem obvious, until a business recognizes that it is actually selling its products and services to multiple customer segments at a time.  Are your customers distinguished by age?  By location? Perhaps by an event in their life like getting a new job? We can help you to identify your best customers.
  • What do your customers want? Do you give your customers what they want, or what you want to give them?  Only by understanding the needs of each segment a business chooses to serve can a business truly distinguish itself from its competitors.
  • Where do they want to buy it?: Do your customers want to buy online, at a retail store or with a personal meeting?  Still others may prefer a telephone call or e-mail.  Or it is a combination of these?  Customers may prefer the convenience of researching or buying on line for pickup at the store.
  • How do you satisfy their needs?: Do your products, services and delivery methods match the preferences of your customers?
  • Why should people buy from you?: Are your offerings good enough to keep your customers from going to your competition? Are your offerings superior enough that people will move to you rather than your competition?

Your answers to these questions will form the basis of your product and services positioning.  Who knows?  By taking the time to think like your customers you may identify new products, services or combinations that will better satisfy their needs.  Apple Computer is a master of identifying new opportunities where others have seen none.

We have the experience helping clients to think like their customers so they can create more competitive offerings.  Contact us to get started.