A Full Service Marketing Agency

one plus one equals threeMarketing agencies need to be able to address all areas of the marketing cycle from identifying the people and organizations that will purchase a client’s products and services, through branding and product positioning to promoting, selling and servicing.  Only by measuring the results can we know whether our actions are effective.  This knowledge enables us to refine your marketing plans and continue with the cycle.

Ewing Consulting is proud of the way we work with our clients from initial discussions of their requirements, identifying creative approaches through development and implementation of the solution.  Many firms are able to provide only individual components of the overall solution.  Our thirty-five years of marketing and sales experience enables us to understand the needs of our clients so we can get to an implemented solution more rapidly.

We group our practice into six major areas based on the needs of our clients:

  1. Web Design and Internet Marketing:  we combine our consulting skills with our implementation services to go well beyond Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We combine many of the components of an integrated marketing communications plan with a well designed web site with rich functions to produce superior results using the internet.  We can optimize your web site for better search results (search engine optimization).
  2. Solutions for Small Businesses: many of our clients are small businesses with limited marketing resources or skills.  We provide these clients with experienced marketing advice and solutions from initial web sites, positioning statements and social marketing initiatives.
  3. Branding and Marketing Strategy: where we help our clients to think like their customers, so our clients can deliver a more compelling competitive advantage.  Successful brands are supported by thorough marketing strategies.
  4. Integrated Marketing Communications: where we take the solutions developed by us or by others to implement them.  We help to integrate the individual elements of our client’s marketing communications, so their customers receive a consistent set of messages about the company.
  5. e-Commerce Solutions:  for our retails clients we offer expanded sales opportunities with online catalogs plus experienced advice about how to manage their new online business.
  6. Channel Marketing programs:  for our larger clients who sell, distribute and support their customers with multiple clients, we offer marketing programs to support these channels as well as their consumers.

We do it your way.

  • we can provide detailed solutions or parts of individual projects.
  • we can provide turn-key solutions or work with existing staff to do the work they cannot or do not want to do.
  • we even work like temporary marketing employees to handle especially busy periods during your yearly cycle
  • we also work with designs provided by others like the web site we developed based on the design provided by a client’s advertising agency
  • we will work with you and with other departments within larger organizations to implement parts of the project