Web site refresh

Some businesses already have a web site, but it no longer meets their needs.  Perhaps their products and services have changed or the people and organizations who buy their offerings have new requirements.  Maybe the services offered on the current web site are no longer competitive with other companies.  This is where Ewing Consulting can help.

Who is your customer?

This is the first question you have to answer.  Only then can you position your website to address the needs of these people.  Then, for these people, why are your offerings better than those of your competitors?  What information and services do these customers and prospects require from your website?

  • lots of technical information?
  • explanations about how your products work?
  • being able to schedule appointments easily?
  • buying products directly from your online catalog?

Once you knowing this and the objectives you have for your web site, we are ready to refresh your web site.

What is a web site refresh?

This project can be as easy as reformatting the pages to improve navigation and visual appearance.  Then you could consider rewriting the content on the web site so it more effectively delivers the information.  Another step might be to optimize your web site so search engines can categorize it more accurately to improve your results in the search engine results.  And there are more possibilities:

  • adding web site analytics capabilities so you will know who is visiting your web site and what they are doing while they are there
  • adding additional content, so your site is more valuable to your customers and prospects
  • updating the images and videos on the site to be more current or compelling
  • improving the services you offer on the site like a section for frequently asked questions
  • making it easier for people to contact your company using e-mail forms
  • appending an e-commerce catalog to sell your products and services directly

We have the marketing experience to do this for your company like we have done for others.  It all starts with your customers, their needs and how your company addresses those needs better than others.

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