Web Site Maintenance

Are you one of those businesses that launched a web site a few years ago, and nothing has changed since? Let us work with you to maintain your web site so it is a very positive reflection on your business.  Often all you need is to update the content periodically as your offerings change. Sometimes you add new staff member you want to include on your web site.  Or maybe it just that the color scheme needs updating.

We manage a web site for one of our clients who has content that changes frequently.  We designed the web site so most of this content is located on a single web page.  The updates, including pictures and text, have become quick and easy.  The client is now able to make the updates herself, if the need arises.

Let Ewing Consulting do this for you as well.  We will manage your web site like we do for other clients, where ever you choose to host it.  Our prices are reasonable and our service is superb.