Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media MarketingMany companies are trying to decide whether now is the time to include social media in their marketing mix.  Most are concluding that their web site will remain as the primary internet communications point and that social media will direct people back there for more information, to purchase products and to contact the company directly.  Therefore, social media marketing can be viewed as another way to drive people to visit your web site.

Drive to web

Where does social media fit within your drive to web initiatives?  Do you start with Facebook, Google+, Twitter or MySpace?  How about LinkedIn or other business related sites?

The answer depends on where your customers and prospects are participating and where they will be viewing your messages.

Target Your Audience

It makes sense to choose the social media channels that your customers and prospects have chosen.  Many companies are choosing to start their social media marketing with Facebook because of its large number of users.  The marketing model presented by social media sites is that your products and services will be “discussed” by people familiar with them.  The more favorable comments and recommendation you can generate by the social group the better.

“Content is King”

You have heard it before, and you will hear it again from us.  The challenge of social media marketing, like all marketing, is to provide content that your target audience wants and will read or view.  People with start to participate and discuss your brand, products and services, once they value the content on your social media pages.  Contests are a favorite way for businesses to get people involved with their content.  Frequent updates are also a must if you want people to visit your social media pages frequently.  Over time, your social media pages might become self-sufficient, so that visitors can buy or inquire about your products directly from that web location.

Provide Valuable Links to You Web Site

The purpose of all marketing is to generate awareness of your brand and offerings with the goal of creating more revenue and good will for your company.  So how do you monetize your investments in social media?  Once people are viewing your social media messages, they will need a reason to visit your web site to learn more, to purchase your goods and services or to contact you.

The time to start is now

Now may be the best time to start marketing on social media web sites, before your competition gets ahead.  We encourage our clients to start slowly to become familiar with managing a marketing presence on social media.  they can expand their presence, once they are comfortable with the procedures and content parts of the project:  just like they did for their web site.

It all starts with a plan

Ewing Consulting can work with you to plan your social media marketing programs.  Then we can help you to implement them.  Our involvement will be tailored to your requirements, up to and including writing the content for these initiatives.

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