Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

targetHow you rank can be important

Internet ssearches are one of the most important ways people use to find the information they want on the web. Therefore companies want to ensure their web sites are as easier to find than those of their competition. So optimizing your web investments for search engine results is a good place to start.

The role of search engines is to provide high quality results to the words used by the visitor in their search query. The higher the quality of the search results the more the visitor will choose that search engine and the more advertising revenue that search engine receives. It’s that simple. Having your web pages appear more and more favorably in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is like free advertising. Alternatively, having the pages of your competitors appear above yours presents your website at a competitive disadvantage.

Improving rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs)

Search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated in how they determine whether a web page is a good match with the search query being made by the user. In general, they rank how

  1. relevant the page is to the words being searched
  2. authoritative the web site is about the subject requested
  3. responsive it us to work properly on internet devices of various types from smart telephones and tablets to desktop displays.


Relevance rankings reflect how well a page within a website matches the search words entered by the user. Each page gets ranked individually and as part of the whole web site. Relevance is largely a function of the content presented on the page. A person who views a web site about dogs when they were searching for cats will find the page less relevant.  Your site needs to be relevant to the words people use to find web sites like yours.

Key Word Choices

It used to be that choosing the right key words was the focus of most optimization initiatives.  As the algorithms used by search engines gets more and more sophisticated, one needs to focus on the concept and themes represented by the search terms.  Research has shown that people conduct multiple searches refining their inquiry each time to get closer to the content they want.  Making the content of your web site pages more targeted becomes more and more important in this environment.

First you need to understand what words and phrases visitors use to find web sites like yours. They may use a single word or a longer phrase. Their choices may be obvious to you or more obscure. The more you know about your customers and prospects, the more likely you will choose the proper search terms and concepts around which to optimize your site. Your choice will be a balance between the most popular search phrases for which everyone is competing for rankings and the less competitive search phrases. A search engine marketing specialist can introduce you to balance the science and art behind writing the right words for your web site.

Content is King

The marketing expression that “content is king” is true for search engine marketing even more now than before. You need to ensure each page of the web site contains content that is very relevant to the chosen key words for that page. The key words chosen for one page will often be different from the key words chosen for other pages. A well written page about the subject for which people searched is one of the best ways to improve your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) results. Writing copy that is optimized for search engines and to be easily read by visitors is one of the more difficult tasks in web marketing.

Responsive website design

A new criterion has been added lately with the proliferation of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.  Now search algorithms give higher rankings to web sites that deliver the same content to multiple device types, while looking good and working properly.

Learn more about responsive web site designs.


Authority ranking reflects how well-respected your website as measured primarily by links from other web sites. That said, all links are not created equal. A link from a highly ranked website with a high level of authority in the areas you are selling is more valuable than a link from a random site with no special reputation about your goods and services. A link to your site from a site that is recognized with authority about dogs, such as the American Kennel Club (,is more important than a link from your friend who also has a dog. It is also more important than a link from an unrelated web site.

Link Building

Therefore, it is helpful to gather links from other sites that will increase the authority of your own site. Links from relevant blogs or trade organizations are helpful. Links from your social media profiles are less helpful. These links do, however, increase the awareness by the public of your web site. Therefore, building links from other authoritative web sites to yours is also an important step in your search engine optimization efforts.

Tracking Results

It takes time for any search optimization initiative to produce results, and it is important to track your progress. Only by tracking your results can you make informed adjustments to your plan. You may find that you choose the wrong key words. You may discover that people visit your web page and leave immediately because the content they found was not compelling enough for them to proceed on your site. It is also important to evaluate your results in light of your goals for the web site. The number of visitors is not the only, nor often the most important metric. You may find that you want lots of visitors and lots of prospect contacts. Or you may want fewer contacts from more qualified visitors. Or the purpose of your web site might be to sell your products and services directly. Having the right product display and pricing strategy becomes just as important as getting visitors to the site.

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