eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce solutionsOur e-Commerce solutions range from installing and testing a solution with limited personalization to more customized solutions to be integrated with the rest of the client’s marketing initiatives.

Shopping Cart Application

The first step is to select an e-commerce application that meets your requirements.  There are three general financial choices for these applications:

  1. pay a monthly each month, plus a percentage of the revenue sold on the catelog.  These solutions are often hosted by the application provider.
  2. purchase an application
  3. install a no charge applications developed using open source code.  One of the most popular of these options is osCommerce.

In each case, the application will have to be personalized to your specific needs.  This could be as simple as using an administration panel to enter things like the name and address of your store, and adjusting the header to reflect the proper image for your store.  Next is activating the payment options like credit cards that you will be offering.  Special shippiing alternatives should also be included in these first steps.  Ewing Consulting can do this for you to make it easier.

Store Management

Installing and customizing the application can be the least complicated part of the solution.  Organizing the online store, so customers can find the products they want is just as important as having a store that is appealing visually.  Motivating people to use the new e-Commerce solution is also a must.  Ewing Consulting has experience doing this, so we can work with you each step of the way providing specialize advise and doing the work.

Product Organization:

We also offer marketing consulting to determine the best way to organize, display and merchandise the client’s products and services.  Retail clients need to learn how to replace the personal sales interactions with rewarding web experiences for each visitor.  Consider a product that offers several options for size, color, and design.  There consider the same item being available with others in various combinations.  It is relatively easy when the merchant can speak with the customer, ask and answer questions to get the right combination of goods for a gift.  Now replace that discussion with a web interaction. Defining this web interaction is one of the ways our consulting services can be helpful.

Digital Image Management

Back office operations is another thing that is often new when a client adds e-commerce to its sales channels. Determining how the product SKUs should be assigned for easy management.  Taking and collecting appropriate images of the products so they are represented in a very positive fashion is often a new task.  Often multiple images are needed for selected products.  We help our clients to define the best method to tag, organize and manage these images and how to manage them within the e-Commerce application.


In general people do not immediately start buying from your online store just because you have made it available.  Customers need to be educated about how the new online store can help them.  We urge our clients to develop a merchandising plan to tell people about the new e-Commerce offering.  We help them to develop this Integrated Marketing Communications plan so they get the best results within their individual budget limitations.  This plan can include brochures and coupons for existing retail customer, advertising and direct mail.

Case Studies

  • Cheeky Tea:  implemented a new e-Commerce solution as the only sales channel for a small business.
  • Matisse Chocolatier:  replaced a non-functioning e-Commerce solution, with one that worked well.  The e-Commerce solution was also integrated with the rest of their web site that visually reflected the high quality of their chocolate products.