Channel Marketing Programs

Solutions for channel marketingSales and marketing channels come in many types and sizes.

Many companies forget that they have another set of customers beyond the end consumer.  These channel customers need attention as well. Examples of sales and distribution channels include:

  • wholesalers and distributors
  • retail stores
  • sales agents
  • value added resellers
  • direct sales
  • internet sales and service

Each of these sales and support channels offers its unique benefits and opportunities.  Most larger companies utilize multiple channels as they go to market.

[Channel Marketing] is about reaching more customers by using sales channels to meet them where and how they want to do business.  It is about shifting sales transactions to lower-cost channels in order to reduce selling costs dramatically.  It is about improving customer retention and satisfaction by giving customers more flexible ways to do business.
 Timothy Furey /Lawrence Friedman
 The Channel Advantage

We gained our experience about channel marketing over a fifteen year period while at IBM.

This started at the beginning of the era when IBM began selling its personal computer and mid-ranged products using channels. The use of these channels expanded and matured as customers began to require extended support from call centers and more convenient product ordering capabilities offered by the internet.

It is just as important to create demand from your sales and distribution partners as it is to create demand from consumers.

Many consumer products companies like Proctor and Gamble are very dependent on their channel partners to be successful.  They partners are dependent on the manufacturer to create a demand among consumers, so they go the channel partners to buy their products.

We have the experience to help you to develop marketing programs for your sales and distribution channels to improve your sales and customer satisfaction often while reducing your costs.  See an example of what we did for IBM’s business partners.

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