Business Development and innovation to create competitive advantage

Marketing InspirationCustomers and partners want more choices

In a world where customers are demanding more choice in the way they relate to their suppliers, and distribution channel partners are requiring more support to stay loyal, smart use of technology can mean the difference between mediocre results and world-class performance. What was a nice-to-have five years ago, like e-commerce, may be a necessity today.

Innovation is all about increasing the value you bring to your customers.  Successful organizations constantly investigate ways to develop new business opportunities that increase the value of their offerings and the effectiveness of the ways they service existing customers.  Developing new business ideas without ensuring the increase the value provided to customers and business partners can be counter productive.  In this customer-driven economy, the way a company relates to its customers and partners is one of the keys to success. A company that effectively utilizes the internet to strengthen its marketing and service efforts gains the competitive advantage.

Elements of Business Development

-  Branding your business for competitive advantage
-  Identifying new ways to grow your business
-  Defining ways to enhance current offerings
-  Articulating new offerings
-  Enhancing service and support using new approaches
-  Managing sales and distribution channels and supporting marketing programs
-  Refining the business plan


From concept through implementation:

Ewing Consulting is a marketing services and consulting firm that specializes in developing new business opportunities by leveraging the internet and other leading edge approaches to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. In addition to the planning we provide the components to implement that business plan. Helping companies define and execute these business initiatives is what Ewing Consulting does.

Experience that fosters success:

Ewing Consulting has over thirty years of experience with new business development initiatives in sales, distribution channels management, traditional direct marketing and interactive marketing. We are ready to apply this experience to your business challenges now.


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