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Marketing InspirationWe have delivered solutions to our clients in many areas that typically include a combination of our marketing consulting knowledge and our installation services. The goal of each of these engagements is to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction for our clients.  These solutions tend to be delivered on a project basis.  Our most popular solutions can be grouped this way:

  • Web Design & Internet Marketing:  this area includes solutions related to web site design and implementation, online stores, plus internet marketing communications techniques like e-mail marketing and utilizing social media.  We also write copy for our clients as required.
  • Solutions for Small Businesses:  many smaller businesses need to generate more leads within a limited budget.  They are so busy handling the many facets of their businesses, that they don’t have time to invest in marketing.  This is where Ewing Consulting can help.
  • Branding & Marketing Strategy:  this area includes solutions that help our clients to enhance their competitive advantages often by leveraging the new capabilities of the internet. These solutions range from developing new distribution channels and marketing programs to designing new products and services for simpler delivery over the internet.  We have also helped clients to identify new approaches to grow their business in under-performing customer segments.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications:  this area includes solutions that first deliver a plan to deliver compelling marketing messages to clients and prospects in a manner that maximizes the impact of those investments.  Next we work with our clients to deliver that plan completely or in phases.
  • eCommerce:  one way to increase your reach and to generate more leads and sales is to expand your retail business onto the internet with an eCommerce solution.  We help small retail companies to create their presence on the internet with application knowledge and advice on how their online business might differ from their physical store front.
  • Channel Marketing Programs:  many larger and mid-sized companies utilize a variety of sales and distribution channels.  Ewing Consulting can help these firms to increase the sales productivity and satisfaction of these organizations with targeted marketing programs.

Ewing Consulting has over forty years of experience in the fields of sales, marketing and channel management. Get started today to take advantage of that experience to grow your business to the next level.



The marketing cycle

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