Customized WordPress Solutions

WordPress logoEwing Consulting designs and develops customized versions of the WordPress content management application for its clients. is also a customized version using WordPress.

Using WordPress enables us to provide a web site based on leading edge technology that is responsive and pleasing to the eyes on displays on varying sizes from smart phones, to tablets and desktop displays.  It also enables our clients to make updates to the website content, if they want.

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Thinking like your customers increases sales.






Who? — What? — Where? — How? — Why?

Not all people think alike, so it is critical that you think like the ones most likely to be your customers.  Thinking like your customers think means you will be more likely to deliver products and services that they value. Continue reading “Thinking like your customers increases sales.”

Is social media right for your business?

social media logosFacebook, Twitter, blogging:  do they really work?

Not all media are appropriate for all marketing communications.  We can help you to develop a marketing communications plan that includes these media, when appropriate and others like e-mail marketing when they are a better fit. Continue reading “Is social media right for your business?”

Using Search Engine Optimization to get top results

SEOWhile, the details of search engine algorithms change frequently, the underlying criteria remain the same.  To ensure that a visitor keeps coming back for additional searches, the search engine companies rank two fundamental characteristics when they rate a web site:

  1. the relevance of the site’s content to the search terms being used
  2. the degree of authority represented by the site on the topic being searched

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“Build it and they will come.” … not so fast.

Having the “best” products and services in your class is only the beginning. Convincing your prospects, customers, and business partners that they should do business with your company or organization is just as important.  An online store or a web site are similar toll-free telephone numbers:  people will not be able to find you unless your tell them about your online services.  Then, visitors to your web site need to be able to find the information of functions they want quickly and easily.

Internet Marketing is more than just marketing communications on the web.

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Improving communications for better sales.

Are your marketing communications on target?

bulls eyeYour communications have only a few seconds to capture the interest.  Then you have only a few more seconds to deliver your message and to ask the reader to take a desired action.  This is a lot to do in a very short time.  That is why it is important that you understand your target audience. Continue reading “Improving communications for better sales.”

e-Commerce requires more than a pretty website


To be successful with e-commerce a business also needs:

  • to determine how best to display its products and services so prospective customers can find the items they want quickly
  • to determine how to encourage customers to buy more related items or ones that are being promoted. Then a business has to replace the back and forth discussion of a personal interacation into an effectively written product presentation that answers the customers questions so they feel comfortable buying these products and services now
  • to determine how to fulfill the customer’s orders once they are placed.
  • to choose how to collect payments:  online, real-time or offline like other transactions at the store

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