Matisse Chocolatier

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Matisse Chocolatier

The Problem/Opportunity: Matisse Chocolatier had a very successful local retail business as a high-end chocolate bakery. They knew they needed to expand that business to the internet if they were to continue to grow. They contacted an advertising agency to help them to develop a new look to represent their future business. It was important that their designs for print media that reflected their gourmet brand, also be reflected in their online presence.

The Challenge: They hired a web development company to implement their new look and to develop a shopping cart application for online sales. Several years later they were still unhappy with the resultant web site and the non-functioning shopping application. They contacted Ewing Consulting to help restart their expansion to the internet.

See a photo gallery below of the resulting web site and e-commerce catalog.

Their Requirements:  Ewing Consulting established that Matisse Chocolatier wanted to:

  • Continue using the graphic designs developed by their ad agency.
  • Have a web site that helped to sell the advantages of their products and to generate leads
  • Offer a shopping experience that was effective and user-friendly

The Solution: the solution became a four phase project:

  1. Web site design and development and testing
  2. Shopping cart personalization and testing based on the osCommerce application
  3. Initial inventory activation and testing
  4. Remaining product additions and testing and further integration with the retail store

The Implementation:  the first step was to redesign and customize the first part of the web site so that it presented the Matisse products as a gourmet chocolate creations while being user-friendly and true to the design provided by the ad agency. The result required significant modifications to the graphics and page designs to yield the final solution. Ewing Consulting also added functions to the web site that resulted in an immediate increase in web sales leads.

Next Ewing Consulting personalized the look and feel of each page of the osCommerce shopping cart application, modified page layouts, implemented a UPS shipping module, and added the appropriate payment functions Matisse Chocolatier required.

Third, initial products were activated for online purchase, and the shopping cart was tested for proper operation and integration throughout the entire web site to ensure visitors had a possible experience shopping. Ewing Consulting also provided advice on how Matisse could better integrate their online sales with those of their retail stores.

The last phase of the implementation was to add additional products to the online store including images, product descriptions, pricing and other product details. Ewing Consulting has helped Matisse to prioritize their product additions and to determine how best to position their products for online sales. Of course the last phase includes the ongoing maintenance to keep the online catalog current and to take advantage of significant sales opportunities like special occasions, or special times of the year like the fourth quarter holidays.

We worked with Matisse Chocolatier through all phases of the project, from concept through implementation and ongoing operations. Our experience helped this client to implement their expanded business quickly.

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