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Refine your marketing communications based on your integrated marketing plan.

kallman worldwide


The Problem/Opportunity:   Kallman Worldwide is a leader in its business niche and its competitors are trying to copy their model. They needed to refocus their marketing efforts on the needs of their customers. Their website was no longer current. Their customers used their website daily to manage their joint projects so they needed a solution quickly.

The Challenge:   The company was growing and they had no extra staff to absorb the anticipated extra work load. They did not want to hire additional employees until they were sure their growth was sustainable. They had little time to invest in refining their marketing plan. Their web site had become too complicated and time-consuming for them to maintain themselves.

The Solution:   First, Ewing Consulting quickly simplified their website and refreshed its contents so it was current. Then we led an effort to validate their target customers and to articulate the requirements of each group. The output of these efforts was a set of marketing communications messages optimized for each target segment. Lastly, we redesigned and developed their website with integrated support functions to respond to the specific needs of their most important customers. We trained their staff so they again could maintain the site going forward.

The Results:   We updated the sales materials for Kallman Worldwide to reflect their new marketing focus. These materials are used to train new employees about the business of Kallman Worldwide and why they are the best. The web enhancements enabled their existing staff to handle a large project by leveraging the information received from their customers over the internet.

Kallman Worldwide identified new business opportunities they can pursue for the next phase of their growth.

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