Cheeky Tea

Add and e-commerce solution to grow your retail business beyond the store.


Cheeky TeaThe Problem/Opportunity:  Cheeky Tea is a small business that sells teas acquired from some of the finest tea growers in the world.  They also sell accessories and tea sets to compete the tea drinking experience.  Cheeky Tea wanted to expand their business beyond it regional base without significant financial or human resource investments.

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The Challenge:   How to Grow without Increasing headcount:  The company wanted to grow from their initial offering of selling their products through “tea tasting parties” in individual homes.  They found this sales and distribution method too labor intensive and it  limited their geographic reach.  They also wanted to expand their product offerings beyond the fifty plus products in their printed catalog.

The Solution:  Ewing Consulting met with the owners to understand their business requirements, target audiences and goals.  From these discussions we developed a set of focused Value Statements for each of their selected customer segments.  These Value Statements identified not only the specific offerings they could target to specific customer segments, but also how they could distinguish themselves from their competitors for each segment.  This exercise also identified opportunities for new offerings to grow their business.

The Implementation:  Ewing Consulting, developed a business proposal that included expanding their internet presence from an informational web site to one on which people could learn about their products and buy them online.

Ewing Consulting, evaluated the numerous e-commerce options available to Cheeky Tea and recommended one that best fit their business plans.  Then we took on the role to implement the e-commerce solution based on osCommerce.  We then provided the marketing and technical support to expand their online offerings to over 150 tea related products.  Ewing Consulting redesigned and implemented their web site so it is fully integrated with the shopping cart application.

The Results:  A New Sales and Distribution Channel in only Six Weeks: represents a fully functioning e-commerce location where people can find and purchase everything they need “to enjoy what matters most in life through the simple pleasures of sipping tea.”  Their online store continues to grow with new products and they enhances their marketing with new product combinations, gift ideas and seasonal specials.  These enhanced options were not available with their printed catalog.

Ewing Consulting worked with this client to:

  • define their target market segments,
  • articulate their targeted offerings and competitive advantages for these segments,
  • identify new business opportunities,
  • develop a plan to take advantage of these new opportunities,
  • implement the plan on time and within budget by providing the necessary marketing and technical skills

We worked with Cheeky Tea through all phases of the project, from concept through implementation and ongoing operations. Our experience helped this client to implement their expanded business quickly.

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