Ann’s Tag Sales

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Ann's Tag Sales


The Problem/Opportunity:  This twenty year old small business wanted to enhance its web site to identify prospects, to provide information on upcoming sales and to generate additional revenue with new innovations.

The Challenge:  Ann’s Tag Sales conducts estate sales for local clients, and performs appraisals of fine are, silver and other valuable items. Our initial analysis identified areas where we could improve their business.

  • Business Development & Innovation:  developed new services and revenue sources
  • e-Marketing:  enhanced existing web site to provide more information and to be easier to use.
  • e-Marketing:  developed new capability for online auction for special clients
"Ewing Consulting has been a big asset to our small business.  They have worked with us to update our web site to offer new functions in new ways to support our growing business.  Their marketing and general business advice plus ongoing internet services have been a major factor in our ongoing success."
 Ann Scherring
 Owner, Ann's Tag Sales

The Solution:  The first thing we did was to articulate how Ann’s Tag Sales conducted its business better than their competitors. One of the advantages we quickly identified is that sellers tend to get more money for their personal goods when Ann’s Tag Sales conducted the sale than they would with other firms. Ann’s Tag Sales also offers a turn-key service from a local business.

Next, Ewing Consulting redesigned and simplified the web site to make it easier to navigate and easier to maintain.  Then we quadruples the number of pictures available for each estate sale so more people would be motivated to come to the sale in person.  At the sale Ann and her staff would help them find what they wanted for a good price.

Then we expanded the descriptions of their services to be more compelling for people who visited the web site. We choose to continue the friendly approach of the business by including pictures of Ann’s grandchild and an inviting tone in all the writings.

Fourth, Ewing Consulting created the capability to conduct an Online Auction for special clients who could not sponsor an in person estate sale. People bid on the items using the web site. Ann determined the highest bidders at the end of the sale period and notified the winners.

Most recently, we migrated this customized web site to utilize the power of the WordPress content management application. Now the web site adjusts its presentation to be more effective on smart phones, tablets and full sized displays.

The Results:  The enhanced web site has been a boon to loyal buyers and dealers who routinely follow Ann’s Tag Sales.  They find the expanded information about each sale very valuable in their decision to visit the estate sale in person:  often buying more than they intended to.

We worked with Ann’s Tag Sales through all phases of the project, from concept through implementation and ongoing operations. Our experience helped this client to implement their expanded business quickly. Get Started with Ewing Consulting to refine your major competitive advantages so you can develop your business to the next level.