American Management Association

Focus on your best customers with specialized programs and integrated marketing communications.

American Management AssociationOverview

The Problem/Opportunity:  This management education company wanted to determine how to improve its marketing to its best corporate customers.

The Challenge: The client’s core business of education for individual managers was growing nicely. The challenge was to leverage these resources, and to combine them in new ways to meet the customized needs of their largest customers, and to identify new offerings that would be valued by these clients.

Their Requirements:  the client had limited marketing resources with which to approach this new offering

  • they wanted to establish the AMA as the preferred management education provider for their best customers.
  • they needed to establish what the decision makers needed to make this change.
  • they needed to define their new offerings based on these customer needs.
  • they needed to validate existing and to add new contacts who could make these decisions.
  • they needed to communicate the value of these new offerings to their best customers.

The Solution: First we interviewed executives, managers and sales people within the company so we could articulate the key decision makers and influencers for management training in their target segments. The next step was to identify the needs of these people as they related to educating their management as teams rather than as individuals. A consensus was developed to prioritize the importance of these needs in the decision process.

Next Ewing Consulting developed a prioritized proposal of actions the client could take to address these needs. The proposals ranged from an integrated marketing communications plan targeted at these decision makers, functional enhancements to the corporate website, to specialized offerings for individual customers Again, a prioritized consensus was developed on the priority of these items.

The Implementation:  Ewing Consulting was then asked to lead the implementation of the first project on the list: a multi-step direct marketing campaign that integrated telesales, field sales, the internet, print advertising and direct mail to reach the target audience. We developed the project plan, documented new operational procedures necessary to implement the plan and managed it through completion on time and within budget.

The Results: This engagement provided the client with three major deliverables: a message plan for their best customers a detailed project plan that their staff can follow to implement integrated direct marketing campaigns. The plan includes tasks, responsibilities and due dates in an easy to use format. documented procedures for handling leads from their best customers regardless of the sales or marketing channel that generated the lead.

Summary:  Ewing Consulting worked with this client to:

  • identify the requirements of the decision makers in their target market segments,
  • articulate their targeted offerings and competitive advantages for these segments,
  • identify weaknesses and new business opportunities,
  • develop a plan and the related business procedures needed to take advantage of these new opportunities,
  • implement the first phase of this plan on time and within budget by providing the leadership and the individual contributions needed to complete the task.

We worked with the American Management Association through all phases of the projects, from concept through implementation and ongoing operations. Our experience helped this client to implement their strategy without adding additional staff. Get Started with Ewing Consulting to refine your major competitive advantages so you can develop your business to the next level.