Improving communications for better sales.

Are your marketing communications on target?

bulls eyeYour communications have only a few seconds to capture the interest.  Then you have only a few more seconds to deliver your message and to ask the reader to take a desired action.  This is a lot to do in a very short time.  That is why it is important that you understand your target audience.

Who is your audience? The most critical element in determining the success of a communication is selecting the proper audience for your messages.  (The second most important element is the offer being presented, followed by the appearance of the message.)  Thinking like your customers will enable you to understand their needs.

What do your customers need? All marketing communications should be perceived by the recipients as being valuable.  Otherwise, they will skip your communication to move on to the next one.  Think about how many times you receive e-mails or letters that you discard before reading the second paragraph.  The same is true when people visit web sites:  they need to perceive in a few seconds that the content is worth their time to continue.

Why should your customers proceed? Most marketing communications are intended to encourage the reader to take a specific action.  General information may be valuable, and a compelling offer for the reader is even better.

Getting your communications right

Delivering the right communications may be the most difficult task in generating demand for your products and services.  Good communications become a welcome part of your customer relationships.  Poor communications may mean they stop listening.  Remember it is much less expensive to keep a good customer than to find a new one.

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