How do you drive visitors to your web site?

You built it, did they  come?

effective-communicationseMany companies do all the right things when they design and build their website …

  • identify the purpose of the web site
  • select the appropriate audiences
  • understand and respond to their requirements
  • provide good content and function for these visitors
  • include ways for visitors to contact the company or to buy their products and services
  • they optimize their behind-the-screen components to make the more friendly for search engines

… then they let it sit there waiting for a spike in new


Generate demand for your website.

We like to say that a web site is like an unpublished 800 telephone number:  nobody knows about it until you tell them.   Effective marketing communications to advertise a web site requires similar investments as advertising your products and services and can use many of the same techniques.

  • direct mail
  • e-mail
  • advertising
    • print
    • on the web
    • radio
  • media placements
    • press releases
    • interviews and articles in news papers and on the web
    • public speaking
    • TV commentary
    • awards
  • word of mouth
  • coupons
  • social media
  • … and so on

Remember, your satisfied customers and clients can provide your best referrals.  Encourage them to spread the word.  Ask for referrals whenever appropriate.  Reward them with at least a “thank you” when they send you a new prospect.

You will need to retrain people to use your website

How many times have you called “customer service” for a company only to be greeted by a message that you can use their website to answer many of your questions?  They are educating you about their web services.  Using their website is less expensive for the company and can be quicker and easier for you.  It is a win-win proposition once people start using it.

Every time a person comes into your retail store offers an opportunity to encourage them to use your web site.  They may find this more convenient, buy more and tell their friends.  You may increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

The content and services need to be worth the visit

Once a visitor gets to your web site, they need to find content and services they find valuable.  Perhaps prospects are looking for more information  about your products, services and credentials.  Customers may be looking to transact business like buying additional products from your catalog or checking the status of a previous transaction.  They will be more satisfied, will come back again, and will tell more friends when they find what they want.

Complete the task you started

You invested in your web site, provided superior content and services, optimized the site for search engines.  Now invest in generating demand for your web site so you get the return on your investment.  It does not have to be expensive:  you just have to do it.