Customized e-Commerce Solutions

eCommerce solutionsAre you ready to expand your business with e-commerce?

Whether you are starting with a retail operation, or you are starting anew, there are several critical items you should address.

  • Integration: your customers want to visit your web site and to buy your products in one easy experience.  To do this you need to ensure that your web site and your shopping application are coordinated.  Visitors should be able to navigate easily throughout the parts of your web site.  The appearance of the various sections should be consistent to reflect the same image throughout the store and web site.
  • Catalog organization to maximize sales: organizing your products so your customers can find them easily is no trivial matter.  You may group them the way they are displayed in a store, and maybe not.  With an online solution a single product can be listed in several places similar to using end caps in a grocery store in addition to the main placements.  Online catalogs also make it easy to cross sell products based on similar purchases by others.
  • Ongoing maintenance: most shopping cart applications provide a “control panel” where you easily can add, update and delete products, implement promotions and so on.  This procedure can be as easy as updating individual products online or managing your inventory with a spread sheet.  Your maintenance plan should be an integral part of your implementation planning.

We have had experience designing, implementing and managing online commerce web sites.  We will worry about the details so you don’t have to.  Contact us to get started now.