Communicating Effectively

effective communicationseCommunicating effectively Requires Delivering …

  • the Right message to the
  • the Right person at the
  • the Right time in the
  • the Right format.

Effective marketing communication is all about delivering on these promises.  Are you doing your marketing Right?

You may have wonderful offerings, but will make little progress until you can articulate the benefits of those offerings in a compelling way to each target audience.  Here are more questions to be answered:

  • So What?: Why do your customers care about what you are saying?  Can you answer this question for them?
  • How do you know? It is wonderful to claim your offerings are wonderful, but how do your customers know that they should believe your claims?
  • What do you want the customer to do? Now that you have convinced them to believe that you have products and services they want, what do you want them to do?  Pick up the phone?  Go to your website?  Come into your store?  The “call to action” will differ depending on the objective of each communication.
  • Are your marketing communications doing what you want them to do?
    • Do they generate leads?
    • Do they reinforce why people do business with you?
    • Do they remind people that it is time to contact you?
    • What do they do?

Getting Started

We can help you to answer these questions by reviewing your marketing materials, evaluating your web site(s), and writing copy for your next initiatives. We can work with you to develop  and implement your marketing communications plan.  Our services include projects like

  • positioning your product and services
  • articulating your communications plan
  • designing the communications deliverables like advertising, direct mail, and e-mails
  • writing copy
  • getting the deliverables prepared
  • refreshing, or creating a website
  • optimizing your web site for search engines
  • managing the execution of your plans.