Using Search Engine Optimization to get top results

SEOWhile, the details of search engine algorithms change frequently, the underlying criteria remain the same.  To ensure that a visitor keeps coming back for additional searches, the search engine companies rank two fundamental characteristics when they rate a web site:

  1. the relevance of the site’s content to the search terms being used
  2. the degree of authority represented by the site on the topic being searched

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How do you drive visitors to your web site?

You built it, did they  come?

effective-communicationseMany companies do all the right things when they design and build their website …

  • identify the purpose of the web site
  • select the appropriate audiences
  • understand and respond to their requirements
  • provide good content and function for these visitors
  • include ways for visitors to contact the company or to buy their products and services
  • they optimize their behind-the-screen components to make the more friendly for search engines

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