Thinking like your customers increases sales.






Who? — What? — Where? — How? — Why?

Not all people think alike, so it is critical that you think like the ones most likely to be your customers.  Thinking like your customers think means you will be more likely to deliver products and services that they value. Continue reading “Thinking like your customers increases sales.”

Using Search Engine Optimization to get top results

SEOWhile, the details of search engine algorithms change frequently, the underlying criteria remain the same.  To ensure that a visitor keeps coming back for additional searches, the search engine companies rank two fundamental characteristics when they rate a web site:

  1. the relevance of the site’s content to the search terms being used
  2. the degree of authority represented by the site on the topic being searched

Here are the steps to a web site optimized to get good search engine results. Continue reading “Using Search Engine Optimization to get top results”

Improving communications for better sales.

Are your marketing communications on target?

bulls eyeYour communications have only a few seconds to capture the interest.  Then you have only a few more seconds to deliver your message and to ask the reader to take a desired action.  This is a lot to do in a very short time.  That is why it is important that you understand your target audience. Continue reading “Improving communications for better sales.”

Where do I start?

The marketing cycleMany clients come to use with a specific request:  usually asking for help promoting their business with a fancy web site or printed communications.  Clearly they know what they want.  A more technically oriented firm might ask questions like “What colors do you like?”  “Do you want flash movies on your web site?”  “Do you want a letter or a post card mailer?”  And then proceed with producing the  most beautiful web site or direct mail piece with little relevance to the person seeing it.

Ewing Consulting starts at the beginning by understanding what you want to achieve. Continue reading “Where do I start?”

Personalizing Privacy for Competitive Advantage

privacyMore personalized marketing communications has been the goal of companies for years: from mass marketing to direct marketing and now one-to-one marketing. Adding the expanded capabilities of the internet makes this goal of personalization even more important to stay ahead of the competition. Successful web sites will be personalized to the needs of the users whether they are coming to browse and learn or to complete a transaction and leave. Continue reading “Personalizing Privacy for Competitive Advantage”

How do you drive visitors to your web site?

You built it, did they  come?

effective-communicationseMany companies do all the right things when they design and build their website …

  • identify the purpose of the web site
  • select the appropriate audiences
  • understand and respond to their requirements
  • provide good content and function for these visitors
  • include ways for visitors to contact the company or to buy their products and services
  • they optimize their behind-the-screen components to make the more friendly for search engines

Continue reading “How do you drive visitors to your web site?”

Communicating Effectively

effective communicationseCommunicating effectively Requires Delivering …

  • the Right message to the
  • the Right person at the
  • the Right time in the
  • the Right format.

Effective marketing communication is all about delivering on these promises.  Are you doing your marketing Right?

You may have wonderful offerings, but will make little progress until you can articulate the benefits of those offerings in a compelling way to each target audience.  Here are more questions to be answered:
Continue reading “Communicating Effectively”