Is social media right for your business?

social media logosFacebook, Twitter, blogging:  do they really work?

Not all media are appropriate for all marketing communications.  We can help you to develop a marketing communications plan that includes these media, when appropriate and others like e-mail marketing when they are a better fit. Continue reading “Is social media right for your business?”

“Build it and they will come.” … not so fast.

Having the “best” products and services in your class is only the beginning. Convincing your prospects, customers, and business partners that they should do business with your company or organization is just as important.  An online store or a web site are similar toll-free telephone numbers:  people will not be able to find you unless your tell them about your online services.  Then, visitors to your web site need to be able to find the information of functions they want quickly and easily.

Internet Marketing is more than just marketing communications on the web.

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e-Commerce requires more than a pretty website


To be successful with e-commerce a business also needs:

  • to determine how best to display its products and services so prospective customers can find the items they want quickly
  • to determine how to encourage customers to buy more related items or ones that are being promoted. Then a business has to replace the back and forth discussion of a personal interacation into an effectively written product presentation that answers the customers questions so they feel comfortable buying these products and services now
  • to determine how to fulfill the customer’s orders once they are placed.
  • to choose how to collect payments:  online, real-time or offline like other transactions at the store

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Personalizing Privacy for Competitive Advantage

privacyMore personalized marketing communications has been the goal of companies for years: from mass marketing to direct marketing and now one-to-one marketing. Adding the expanded capabilities of the internet makes this goal of personalization even more important to stay ahead of the competition. Successful web sites will be personalized to the needs of the users whether they are coming to browse and learn or to complete a transaction and leave. Continue reading “Personalizing Privacy for Competitive Advantage”

Shout it from the hill tops

effective-communicationseA business has to tell its customers and prospects all about its exciting web presence.  This is where Ewing Consulting’s approach to web optimization come in.

It does not have to be complicated:   This may seem complicated to you, but Ewing Consulting has the experience to make it easier with a higher probability of success. We follow a structured approach that works.  Here are some of the steps. Continue reading “Shout it from the hill tops”