Professional marketing services based on years of experience

designing for mobile devicesWeb sites that work for you and for your customers

A well designed web site is far more than just something that looks good.  It needs to work for visitors as well.  It needs to be responsive to their needs no matter what type of internet device they are using:  whether it is a smart phone, tablet or desktop.  The navigation must be intuitive, so they can find the information they want easily.  The content that they find needs to be relevant to the topic for which they are searching.
We design, develop and implement web sites that work.  Learn more.

The marketing cycleA full service marketing agency

Ewing Consulting is a full service marketing agency that works with our clients on all aspects of the marketing cycle from branding and strategic planning through integrated marketing communications using multiple media and marketing channels including the internet.Our experience will enable us to simplify many of the marketing complexities for you. Learn more.

Experience to stay ahead of the competitionExperience that fosters your success

With over thirty five years of corporate and agency experience in sales and marketing, we can offer our clients more effective advice and results.  Our in-depth knowledge of business makes our advice even more effective.  We can do things in a few hours because we already have 35+ years of experience doing it.  We take care of the details so you don’t have to.  Check out some of our case studies.

Checking for perfectionImplementation of what we design

We believe it is important for us to be able to implement the recommendations we make for our clients.  So that is what we do.  We design and develop their web sites.  We write the copy for their direct marketing campaigns.  We manage the project to implement new marketing program.

Check out some of our solutions.