Internet marketing includes more than a good web site.

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"Build it and they will come." ... not so fast.

Having the "best" products and services in your class is only the beginning. Convincing your prospects, customers, and business partners that they should do business with your company or organization is just as important.  An online store or a web site are similar toll-free telephone numbers:  people will not be able to find you unless your tell them about your online services.  Then, visitors to your web site need to be able to find the information of functions they want quickly and easily.

Internet Marketing is more than just marketing communications on the web

We encourage our clients to take advantage digital technologies to create more compelling competitive advantages.  This requires a unique way of looking at your business or organization.  We work with our clients to identify new ways to combine their products and services so they can be sold and delivered through the internet.

There are other ways unique to the internet to help you to acquire new customers and to retain existing ones.

  • a list of Frequently Asked Questions on a web site can give your customers and prospects the answers they want more quickly while reducing your sales and support costs
  • periodic e-Newsletters to tell them how your business can help them.  We can help you to implement the solutions and to write the copy for your news items
  • e-mails notifications to recognize significant events like reminders to schedule an appointment or announcements of a new product or service offering targeted just for selected audiences
  • blogging to reinforce the credibility of your business in its selected areas of expertise
  • functions on your web site to enable people to contact you easily or to complete forms online before meeting with you
  • functions like online appointment requests

These additions offer a win-win for everyone.

Whether social media like Facebook and Twitter are the next opportunities for advertising and marketing communications is still being debated among marketing professionals.  We will work with you to evaluate how much resource you should put into these emerging models.

e-commerce requires more than a pretty web site.

To be successful with e-commerce a business also needs:

  • to determine how best to display its products and services so prospective customers can find the items they want quickly
  • to determine how to encourage customers to buy more related items or ones that are being promoted. Then a business has to replace the back and forth discussion of a personal sale into an effectively written product presentation that answers the customers questions so they feel comfortable buying these products and services now
  • to determine how to fulfill the customer's orders once they are placed. 
  • to choose how to collect payments:  online, real time or offline like other transactions at the store

Ewing Consulting has the experience to help you to answer all these questions, and more, to make your online commerce offerings a success.

Shout if from the hill tops

A business has to tell its customers and prospects all about its exciting web presence.  This is where Ewing Consulting's approach to web optimization come in.

It does not have to be complicated:   This may seem complicated to you, but Ewing Consulting has the experience to make it easier with a higher probability of success. We follow a structured approach that works.  Here are some of the steps.

Targeting: Have you defined to whom you want to deliver these integrated messages? Some people will buy your offerings. Some you will consider as your best customers. Others will be part of the approval process or will recommend the purchase. Still others will be part of your distribution chain. The way you communicate with each of these groups and the things that are important to each may be different. Ewing Consulting can work with you to identify your most important audiences and their requirements so you can continue to the next steps.

Positioning: Knowing how your offerings address the requirements of your customers is important. Knowing how you do this better than the competition is even more important. A company may have a great product or service today, that is no better than your competitors’ tomorrow. We can help you identify your competitive advantages and how best to communicate them to each of your target audiences.

Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns:   Now that you know what you want to say and to whom, you need to develop the plans to communicate with these people. Each contact with your customers builds upon the previous ones so it is important to implement a plan over several months or even longer. We can help you develop your plan with all the details required to implement a complete plan on time and within budget.

Measurement and Analysis:   One of the important elements of each marketing campaign is to learn what works and what does not work to achieve the desired outcomes. We will help you to evaluate how well your campaign achieved its goals and why.

Refine the campaign and continue:    We can help you identify what changes you should make in your plans so you can continue with more success in the next steps.


We have the experience that will foster your success. We have worked with companies of all sizes from very large like IBM to very small like Cheeky Tea. We have developed communications based on everything from print catalogs, to direct mail and the web. We have produced solutions for customers, influencers and for distribution partners.

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