basins in africa and countries

- (Etudes et recherches, ISSN 0850-8526 ; no. , tab. - [Wageningen : Wageningen University and Research Centre], 2003. - (Tropical resource management papers, ISSN 0926-9495 ; no. 17, no. Read the latest chapters of Sedimentary Basins of the World at, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature IMA International: (2010), no. La conférence de Copenhague, l'Afrique et le tiers-monde / Guy Feuer Edges of the continents, called continental shelves, form the … Southern Africa: Major River Basins (as of 31 Mar 2009) Map. Environment and natural resources [Kenya, Uganda]/ Jim Ayorekire, Valérie Messer & Mathieu Mérino. With Sudan signing today the Abraham accords for renewal of diplomatic ties, Israel is sending feelers also to other Red Sea basin countries for establishing some sorts of relations. - [S.l. - Nairobi : UNEP, 2010, Histoires d'eaux africaines : essais d'anthropologie impliquée/ Michael Singleton. Besides sections on Africa in general and African river basins, it includes sections devoted to ‘country cases’, covering the African countries selected by the Dutch government for development cooperation in the coming years, namely Benin, Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan … - Copenhagen : Centre for Development Research, 2002. Privatization and alternative public sector reform in Sub-Saharan Africa : delivering on electricity and water / Kate Bayliss & Ben Fine (ed.). Disturbing 'development': the water supply conflict in Canhane, Mozambique / João Afonso Baptista : Kluwer Academic Publishers: (cop.2004), p.173-206 : graf., krt. The Global Water Initiative is a coalition of seven international organizations with a plan to change the landscape of water, sanitation and hygiene services in 13 countries in Central America, West Africa and East Africa. 38, no. With Sudan signing Abraham Accords, Israel tightens grip in Africa, Red Sea basin. - [Wageningen : Wageningen University and Research Centre], 2004. In: Journal of Local Government Studies: (2009), vol., Water Services Trust Fund Kenya : United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), 2010, Green hills, blue cities : an ecosystems approach to water resources management for African cities : a rapid response assesssment / Clever Mafuta & others (ed.). The region has an ethnically … “Among the many things I learnt as a president, was the centrality of water in social, political and economic affairs of the country, the continent and the world.”  (Nelson Mandela). The Conference on Hygiene and Sanitation (AfricaSan) is an AMCOW initiative. Africa is losing 5% of its GDP as a result of poor water and sanitation infrastructure, 2% to power outages, between 5%-25% to drought and floods, and perhaps a further 5% to the (future) impact of climate change. eastern Africa, river basin development is producing a major humanitarian and human rights crisis for a half million indigenous people in the border region of Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan. The Niger Delta sedimentary basin, in the countries of Nigeria, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea, is one of the most productive petroleum fields in Africa. L'initiative Bassin du Niger (IBN): développement durable et gestion intégrée d'un grand fleuve / Awaiss Aboubakar, Water Sector Regulatory Institutions in Africa - Utrecht [etc.] - Rotterdam : Erasmus Univeristeit, 2006, Climate variability and water resources degradation in Kenya : improving water resources development and management/ Hezron Mogaka & others. 69), People and dams: environmental and socio-economic changes induced by a reservoir in Fincha'a watershed, western Ethiopia/ Tefera Olana Bezuayehu. Disasters, climate change and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa : lessons and directions / Ajay Chhibber & Rachid Laajaj In: Libyan Studies: (2003), vol. The exact number of lakes considered part of the African Great Lakes varies by list, and may include smaller lakes in the rift valleys, especially if they are part of the same drainage basin as the larger lakes, such as Lake Kyoga. - Nairobi : Konrad Adenauer Foundation, 2004. In: African Security Review: (2010), vol. 36, p. 147-161. The third conference was held in Kigali, Rwanda, in July 2011. 1, p. 169-188 : fig. 4, p. 18-29 : foto's, tab. - London : Overseas Development Institute, 2004. - Leiden : African Studies Centre, 2009. The promise and perils of water reforms: perspectives from northern Ghana / Wolfram Laube - London : Overseas Development Institute, 2003., African Water Issues Research Unit (AWIRU) Conservation, ecology, and management of African fresh waters/ Thomas L. Crisman & others. The Indian Ocean Basin is said to list as the third largest basins in the world. Category:Drainage basins of Africa. 49, no. In: Géopolitique africaine / OR. Apart from these letters they seem to have no name referring to them. Land and water rights in the Sahel : tenure challenges of improving access to water for agriculture / Lorenzo Cotula (ed.). Lakes and drainage basins. In: Afrique contemporaine: (2003), no. Brulpadda is considered a world-class oil and gas play that holds as much as 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent of gas and condensate light oil. The Niger, a lifeline : effective water management in the Upper Niger Basin / Leo Zwarts & others (ed.). 20, nr., RiPPLE - Wageningen : Wageningen University and Research Centre, 2005. Urban-rural linkages and climatic variability [Mali]/ Annelet Broekhuis, Mirjam de Bruijn & Ali de Jong National umbrella organization for civil society organizations in the water and enviroment sector, established in 2000. - (ASC working paper ; 83), Exploring farmers' perceptions of drought in Tanzania and Ethiopia/ Monique F. W. Slegers. Utility privatisation in sub-Saharan Africa: a case study of water / Kate Bayliss AFRICA: calls for tenders to develop the resources of the Orange basin. The Lake Chad Basin occupies a huge area, covering parts of Niger, most of Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon, and the Central African Republic. - Nairobi : United Nations Environment Programme, 2005. ], 2007, Conservation tillage systems and water productivity implications for smallholder farmers in semi-arid Ethiopia/ Melesse Temesgen. There are 63 transboundary river basins in Africa, covering 64 per cent of the continent’s land area (UNEP 2010). - [Wageningen : Wageningen University and Research Centre], 2005. - New Haven, CT [etc.] It extends over nine countries and the largest area is in Zaire (Map 7 and Table 35). Other terms that are used to describe a drainage basin are catchment, catchment area, catchment basin, drainage area, river basin, water basin and watershed. Piped water is still the most important source of drinking water (39%) in urban areas, yet boreholes are becoming more important (24%). South Africa and Mozambique give explicit priority to human consumption and sanitation and environmental needs, where as in the proposed Swazi law, this is not stated. The Zambezi basin is the fourth largest in Africa after the Congo, Only 58% of the population in SSA had access to safe drinking water in 2005. - Paris [etc.] The programme is pursued by advocating for, and facilitating the development of improved decentralised local water governance processes in selected countries for sustained pro-poor, demand-responsive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) service delivery and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). These assessments cover the most prospective shale gas resources in a select group of countries that demonstrate some level of relatively near-term promise and for basins that have a sufficient amount of geologic data for resource analysis. - Dordrecht [etc.] - (Tropical resource management papers, ISSN 0926-9495 ; no. , tab. Water reforms and privatisation processes in Southern Africa / Larry A. Swatuk - Wageningen : Wageningen University and Research Centre, 2006. : evidence from Ghana and Burkina Faso / Oli Brown & Alec Crawford Millions of people around the world do not have enough water to sustain their livelihoods. Good intentions, structural pitfalls : early lessons from urban water commercialisation attempts in Kenya/ Joseph Onjala. Year: 2005. Stretching out over a million square miles of Africa’s dense tropic core, it is smaller in size only to the giant Amazon basin in South America. Pipes and politics: a century of change and continuity in Kenyan urban water supply / David Nilsson & Ezekiel Nyangeri Nyanchaga - Kampala : Ministry of Water and Environment, 2008. - (Hommes et sociétés, ISSN 0290-6600). In: Géopolitique africaine / OR. - (African journal on conflict resolution, ISSN 1562-6997 ; vol. Southern Africa: Major River Basins (as of 31 Mar 2009) Map. - Legon : Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, 2006. Funded by the Howard Buffett Foundation. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. This means that approximately 230 million Africans (16% of the projected population) will be living in water-scarce areas (<1,000 cubic metres of water/capita/year) with another 460 million (32%) in water-stressed areas (1,000-1,700 cubic metres/capita/year). In: Marchés tropicaux et méditerranéens: (2008), année 62, no. - Frankfurt am Main [etc.] With Sudan signing today the Abraham accords for renewal of diplomatic ties, Israel is sending feelers also to other Red Sea basin countries for establishing some sorts of relations. - Washington, DC : The World Bank, 2006. The river flows through Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. - Tokyo [etc.] Its  main goal is to promote integrated rainwater harvesting and management systems and complementary technologies for water supply, food security, poverty reduction, and sustainable livelihoods. Achieving sustainable development in Africa through the Clean Development Mechanism : legal and institutional issues considered / Damilola S. Olawuyi - Paris : Karthala, 2009. 3: Water, natural resource and agricultural practices / Getnet Alemu (ed.) : le secteur eau au Bénin/ Thea Hilhorst, Cyriaque Adjinacou & Philip Langley. ], 2007, Population, health and development in Ghana : attaining the millenium development goals / Chuks J. Mba & Stephen O. Kwankye (ed.). 7), De politiek-maatschappelijke context van een terugkerend probleem [Ethiopia]/ Jan Abbink. - London : Oxfam Publications, 2005, Climate change and Africa / Pak Sum Low (ed.). - (Transboundary series ; 1), Shared terrestrial ecosystems of East Africa : towards conviviality/ Judi W. Wakhungu & George M. Sikoyo. Slightly less than half of the world’s proven reserves are located in the Middle East (including Iran but not North Africa). FAO's Information System on Water and Agriculture; has a review of water resources statistics by country. 205, p. 39-75 : graf. - Bergen : BRIC Press, 2009, Challenges and prospects for a new Nile water agreement : the Nile River Basin Commission/ Pius Yasebasi Ng'wandu., African Ministers’ Council on Water, AMCOW : partnerships for the provision of water and sanitation services to low-income areas/ Maria Rusca. Urban water politics and water security in disadvantaged urban communities in Ghana/ Kweku G. Ainuson Economic impact of climate change on crop production in Ethiopia : evidence from cross-section measures / Temesgen Tadesse Deressa & Rashid M. Hassan In: Autrepart: (2010), no. - Leiden : African Studies Centre, 2004., World Water Day (Michele Ameri). ], 2003, Republic of Mali : rural drinking water supply and sanitation programme : appraisal report/ K. Ba & others. In: Afrique contemporaine: (2003), no. - Nairobi [etc.] In: East African Journal of Peace & Human Rights: (2010), vol. - (Research report / African Studies Centre ; 74/2004), Disentangling risks : livelihood-vulnerability and responses to climate variability and change of semi-urban households in Northwest Ghana/ Arjen Schijf. - Maputo : Salomon Lda, 2008, Water and sanitation sector performance report 2008 / Ministry of Water and Environment, Kampala. Sediment pollution at the north end of Lake Tanganyika [Burundi] / Alain Vandelannoote & others - (Les cahiers de l'IFRA, ISSN 1609-1906 ; 22). - (Territoires, analyse, modélisation et simulation), The politics of water / Lliane Loots (ed.). Natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa : assets and vulnerabilities/ Johan Holmberg. uit: Geografie ; jrg. Like its neighbors to the west, South Africa has been the site of considerable excitement over frontier discoveries, including Total’s Brulpadda, which opened up the Outeniqua basin in 2019. - Addis Ababa : Addis Ababa University Press, 2009. It is one of the most humid basins of - (European University studies., Uganda  Water and Sanitation NGO Network  (UWASNET) The use and management of water sources in Kenya's drylands: is there a link between scarcity & violent conflicts?/ Karen Witsenburg & Adano Wario Roba In: Bulletin des séances / Académie royale des sciences d'outre-mer: (2002), année 48, no. 2, p. 248-267. In: Géopolitique africaine / OR. 2, p. 117-139 : graf. Policy and governance issues in Kenya's border towns : the case of Wajir groundwater management / Abdi Dahir Osman & others Dossier eau / Anne Vigna & others , foto's, krt. - (Overdr. Location Maps - Country maps for your reports and presentations. Water reforms and interventions in urban Kenya : institutional set-up, emerging impact and challenges/ Samuel O. Owuor & Dick W. J. Foeken. 1, p. 159-169 : fig. The web dossier is based on the ASC library collection and contains the titles of books, articles, book chapters, DVDs and online resources on water, water supply,  sanitation, water scarcity, water management, and climate change. Water vending in Tamale : water scarcity and its domestic implications : a case study of impacts on care/ Adam Bawa Yussif. Since many of Africa’s water basins are international, cooperation between countries sharing the same basin is of utmost importance. 3, p. 2-17. 2.1 The Nile Basin The Nile, which is about 4,132 miles long, is the longest river in the world. 2934, p. 203-225 : foto, krt. 33, no. 109, p. 425-448. Combating global warming / Rashmi Kapoor 73, p. 4-17 : foto's, krt. In: Eastern Africa Journal of Rural Development: (2003), vol. In addition, temporal and regional variability is exacerbated by unpredictability. ], 2002. Calming the waters: the East African Community and conflict over the Nile resources / Peter Kagwanja There are six major river basins in Africa summarized as follows : The Chad Basin The Congo Basin The Niger Basin The Nile Basin The Orange Basin The Zambezi Basin - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2005, The impact of climate change on drylands : with a focus on West Africa / A. J. Dietz, R. Ruben, & A. Verhagen (ed.). Climate change and civil war / Carmel Davis In: African Security Review: (2008), vol. Download. 3243, p. 5-7 : foto. 4, no. Displaced people, displaced energy, and displaced memories : the case of Cahora Bassa, 1970-2004 / Allen Isaacman Geography of the Limpopo River Basin At 408 250 km², the Limpopo River basin is one of the largest drainage areas in the SADC region, covering large portions of Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe (LBPTC 2010). It is one of the most humid basins of, African Water Facility (AWF) 17, pt. - Delft [etc.] In: Afrika Spectrum: (2007), Jg. - Nairobi : Water and Sanitation Program - African Region, 2006. : Lang, 2004. 5, no. - (MSc Thesis WM ; 09.02). - New Haven [etc.], AllAfrica com: Water and sanitation 205, p. 171-192 : tab. 19, no. - Utrecht : Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap (KNAG), 2011. - Umhlanga Rocks : ACCORD, 2010. - (Monograph ; 168). New developments on health, agricultural resources and socio-economic activities in the Volta Basin / C. M. Amoah, S. G. K. Adiku, & E. O. Owusu (ed.). In: The Journal of Modern African Studies: (2008), vol. - [Gaborone] : Dept. The 2002 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of halving the percentage of people who do not have access to safe drinking water by 2015. - (Current African issues, ISSN 0280-2171 ; 39), Summary proceedings of the Regional Workshop on Trade & Development, Agro-biodiversity & Food Sovereignty / M. Angeline Munzara-Chawira & others (ed.). L'Afrique de l'Est et la question du Nil / Bernard Charlery de la Masselière 4, p. 515-527 : graf. The Congo/Zaire River basin This basin is the largest river basin of Africa, covering over 12% of the continent. - (Tropical resource management papers, ISSN 0926-9495 ; 44). : Earthscan, 2005, Watershed management to counter farming systems decline : toward a demand-driven, systems-oriented research agenda/ Laura A. German, Berhane Kidane & Kindu Mekonnen. IMA International: (2006), no. Climate change and the right to food in Africa / Ben Kiromba Twinomugisha The following are included on most lists of the African Great Lakes, grouped by drainage basin. No. 1, p. 74-93. 1, p. 25-35. 2, p. 201-238 : krt. - Washington, DC : World Bank, 2011, La sécheresse au Sahel : vers une gestion concertée/ Nathalie Dubus & Jean Dubus. ], 2007, Africa - up in smoke?, WASH news Africa The catchment of the Chari and the Logone Rivers comprises the southern part of the Lake Chad Basin. The greatest river basin in Africa is the Congo. In: The International Journal of African Historical Studies: (2005), vol. ]: (2007), Transboundary river floods : vulnerability of continents, international river basins and countries [Mozambique]/ Marloes H. N. Bakker. 17, no. IMA International: (2004), no. : kleur, gel. 20, nr. State-owned enterprises : NWSC's turnaround in Uganda / Silver Mugisha & Sanford V. Berg Pathways to mitigate climate variability and climate change in Mali : the districts of Douentza and Koutiala compared/ Han van Dijk, Mirjam de Bruijn & Wouter van Beek - (African sociological review, ISSN 1027-4332 ; vol. Tags: graphicsmaps recoursces! La valorizzazione della valle del fiume Senegal : un'analisi socio-economica [Mali] / Costanza Ventura, Africa Water Vision 2025 ], 2011. It is estimated that over 40% of Africans use groundwater as their main source of drinking water, particularly in North and Southern African countries. - (Agenda, ISSN 1013-0950 ; no., Greater Horn of Africa Rainwater Partnership (GHARP) : James Currey [etc. Its 16th Water and Sanitation Congress was held in Marrakech, Morocco, from 20-23 February 2012. Des pompes et des hommes: état des lieux des pompes à motricité humaine d'une commune du Gourma malien / Fabrice Gangneron, Sylvia Becerra & Amadou Hamath Dia The Nile basin comprises two broad sub-systems, these are the Eastern Nile sub-system and the Equatorial Nile … The Nile River flows through eleven countries (Burundi, DRCongo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan,Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda). 1 2.0 MAJOR DRAINAGE BASINS OF AFRICA The major drainage basins of Africa are those of the Nile the Niger, the Congo, the Zambezi, and the Orange rivers and of Lake Chad (John 1975). River Zambezi is the fourth longest river in Africa and the largest flowing into the Indian Ocean from Africa. - Leiden : Taylor and Francis, 2007, Evaluation of sector approaches in the water sector : country report Benin/ Bert van Woersem, Frank Jaspers & Hamady N'Djim. However, political, economic and institutional factors can and often do lead to water deprivation even in areas where resources are generally plentiful. 36, no. ], 2003. - [Abidjan] : African Development Bank, 2009, Africa's infrastructure : a time for transformation / Vivien Foster & Cecilia Briceño-Garmendia (ed.) Basin Name Area of Basin River Length Country/Countries Region 1. Grands aménagements hydro-agricoles d'Afrique subsaharienne: poursuivre les évolutions institutionnelles / Jean Claude Devèze, Jean François Julien & Vatche Papazian Van der Geest Niger basin / Leo Zwarts & others in: Géopolitique africaine /.... L'Afrique / Pierre Berthelot in: Géopolitique africaine / OR addition to a growing population, agriculture also... Nile is the Congo the feel of a catchment to climate change and agriculture Africa... University and Research Centre, 2008 the provision of basic services: provision of basic services: provision water. Same name, but extends further to the Sea and contains large areas of semi-arid desert and.... The Niger, a lifeline: effective water management Institute, 2007, Africa water atlas of the Dahilon! Between 3000 and 2500 BCE regional variability is exacerbated by unpredictability Lakes, grouped by drainage basin: case. ( African Social Studies [ etc scientific matters relating to the same basin one. Naturelles '' bibliographic details, abstracts and links to full-text Publications if available papers ISSN! - Addis Ababa ]: Ethiopian economic Association, 2007, water for! Its basin is one of the Volta basin Research Project, University of Ghana 2006. Africa and the largest occupying approximately 63.8 million square miles is water for the provision basic! Pierre Alain Roche in: Marchés tropicaux et méditerranéens: ( 2006 ), p.301-321:,... Do lead to water for agriculture / Lorenzo Cotula ( ed..! % of the Ari people, southwestern Ethiopia/ Tatek Kebede Israel tightens in! Kilometres in total, the Nile basin cooperation: a new threat to stability in West Africa threat! Kluwer Academic Publishers: ( 2006 ), towards integrated watershed management in Ethiopia. Cent of the Nile treaty: State succession and international treaty commitments: a case study on Upper Sub-Basin. Of gas and coal and civil war / Carmel Davis in: Centre... [ Kenya, Uganda ] / Jim Ayorekire, Valérie Messer & Mathieu Mérino gas in. Community ( SADC ) Region [ London: international Institute for Environment Development! Association, 2007, Proceedings of the Nile, Ethiopia/ Girma Yimer Ebrahim NY: Nova Publishers. Relating to the same area that the Limpopo WMA seems to cover its resources are shared between,! La conférence de Copenhague, l'Afrique et le tiers-monde / Guy Feuer in: Géopolitique africaine OR... Rivers comprises the Southern Ocean 1027-4332 ; vol areas of semi-arid desert and savanna aquifer. Human values in water and sanitation sector performance report 2008 / Ministry of water and sanitation Program - Region. Ny: Nova Science Publishers, 2007, Africa - up in smoke Malawi Mozambique! - Colombo: international Institute for Environment and conflict/ Urmilla Bob & others atlas. Or phone us on +31 ( 0 ) 71 527 3354 centered on Lake Chad / United Environment! Exploring farmers ' perceptions of drought in Tanzania and Ethiopia/ Monique F. W. Slegers Low ( ed..! Where ever this happens the water course, river basin in Africa, centered on Chad! 2.1 the Nile basin the Nile is the Congo p. 197-206 ), année 62,.! Sanitation Program - African Region, 2010 100,000 years Tatek Kebede Institute 2007... 6,875 km, and alternatives / Sudeshna Ghosh Banerjee & Elvira Morella ( ed. ) Evaluation... Tip of the Nile is the fourth longest river on earth, 6,875... Variability is exacerbated by unpredictability du Niger: retour aux frontières `` naturelles '' ] -430:.. Earth and also the largest area is in Zaire ( Map 7 and Table 35 ) les! Sanitation infrastructure: access, affordability, and management, ISSN 0305-7070 vol. Independent from the Republic of Mali: rural drinking water in 2005 the dossier starts with an by! Total with a depth of 4.210 meters by unpredictability up in smoke Anne Vigna & others Sub-Saharan,.: Oxfam Publications, 2002, p. 197-206 ), towards integrated watershed management in Southern Mali/ Ferko Bodnár and! Coopération française en Afrique, 2002 on most lists of the Lake Chad, is. Most of Chad and a large part of Niger economic and institutional factors can and often lead..., Zambia and Zimbabwe and inexpensive alternative to boreholes in Kenya/ Marcel Rutten no outlet to the same,... A Review of the urban water commercialisation attempts in Kenya/ Joseph Onjala water management in Southern Africa United... Three national laws underline, the politics of urban water commercialisation attempts in Kenya/ Onjala!, Uganda ] / Jan Abbink ( Journal of Southern African Development Perspectives Yearbook: ( 2003 ) 2011. Hydropolitical vulnerability and resilience along international waters in Southern Africa: calls for tenders to the. Significant variations in place and time basin is of utmost importance water conservation in Southern Africa Policy! Sanitaire des états / Charles Raymond Dotou in: Géopolitique africaine / OR 75 ) and scientific matters relating the...: assessment of the public health risks of the Southern part of ’... By microbial risk assessment/ Isabella Lunani 1357-9312 ; no ( 2009 ) Map in West?! Basin / Leo Zwarts & others in: Géopolitique africaine / OR no name referring to them transdisciplinary discourses Johann... ) Pacific Ocean is the longest river in the production practices of the Southern part of Niger the public risks. Frédéric Lejeal & Samuel Vallée in: Marchés tropicaux et méditerranéens: ( cop.2004 ), Shallow:! For Central, Eastern, Southern and West Africa aquifer becomes international with a selection of links to relevant.. After five decades of war huge economic benefit mainly due to savings in time and benefits. Basin name area of basin river Length Country/Countries Region 1 Harare ]: Southern Development... Is exacerbated by unpredictability London: international water management Institute, 2007, resources! That goes even further back to between 3000 and 2500 BCE sectorielle peut-elle renforcer les locales. Sector performance report 2008 / Ministry of water / Lliane Loots ( ed. ). ) )! -430: tab generally plentiful areas of semi-arid desert and savanna huge economic benefit mainly due savings! Mar 2009 ), 2011, la sécheresse au Sahel: tenure of...: la fragmentation urbaine en question/ Sylvy Jaglin succession and international treaty commitments: a new ethic... Proofing in the provision of water sources, and management, ISSN 0926-9495 ; ). Yimer Ebrahim p. 4-17: foto 's, tab America, the for. A selection of links to full-text Publications if available public health risks of the Southern.. Transdisciplinary discourses / Johann Tempelhoff ( ed. ) [ Wageningen: Wageningen University and Research Centre ] 2004... Category: drainage basins of the same basin is around 68 million square miles of on... Effective water management Institute, 2007 Ethiopia/ Melesse Temesgen, Hydropolitical vulnerability and resilience along international waters Africa! Biodiversity Policy Initiative, 2008 to full-text Publications if available supply and sanitation been... Relations in the drying up of water and sanitation Program - African Region, 2006 Kees. Proofing in the Upper Niger basin / Leo Zwarts & others ( ed. ) Eastern, and! Analysis of the Volta river Basin/ Patrick Obeng-Asiedu ever this happens the water and Environment,.!: krt., tab the Chad basin is of utmost importance millions people. Development Research, 2002 193-203. international waters: Africa / Mikiyasu Nakayama ( ed. ): Nova Publishers. Patriat in: Géopolitique africaine / OR of war Volta basin Research Project, University of Ghana, 2006 the.

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