hot process coconut oil soap recipe

=). thanks for sharing the recipe. Thank you so much! Sounds wonderful! That sounds like a wonderful recipe! I remember it looked as though it had riced in the beginning but blended beautifully after. I’ve been soaping with this formula as well, the only difference is I’ve been using hot process with it. I made this soap Yesterday. Definitely was a lot of heat going on inside as the bottom of my mold was pretty warm and hovering my hand over the top I could feel some heat coming off it as well, not a big deal for me. Kenna from Amathia Soapworks (who created this recipe) found that the higher superfat makes a luxurious formula and works really well with this particular recipe. I’m used to soaping with an extremely high hard oil/stearic formula, which can be difficult to soap with. Quick question about water discounting: I’ve been soaping for years and prefer small discount because I’m too impatient and like my soap firm. We only used one type of Coconut Oil, so I’m not exactly sure how blending coconut oils would work. You may want to try a small test batch. What temp range would you consider too low for this soap recipe and what temperature would you suggest soaping the oil at? Is it safe to assume that you can leave out sodium lactate in this recipe because it hardens up so quickly? I remember the temp of my oils at 28 Celsius and my lye water down to 22 Celsius when I mixed the two. Love this…an entirely new take on “palm free” too!! I gotta try it! Coconut oil is too pricey for me right now. Like any cold process soap, you will want to let it cure for the full 4-6 weeks. In this case, with the 20% superfat, it calls for over a full ounce less of lye – leaving 20% of the coconut oil unsaponified. Because the avocado and the coconut milk both contain natural sugars, I would recommend placing your soap into the fridge after to avoid your soap from getting too hot and leading to a soap volcano. 20 to 36 grams of your favorite essential oils or fragrance oils (you will need a little over 30 milliliters bottle the equivalent of about one fluid ounce). Melted oils Strangely enough this soap is the only one that doesn’t do that. I tried this recipe today. Lard provides so many good qualities to a bar of soap on its own that you are virtually unlimited when it comes to which oils you can combine. It does set up quickly from trace. I’m thinking my temp, was too hot and maybe I need to go with more of a medium to light trace? I suppose the top looks a little rough, but it’s smoother than my previous HP experiments have been, now that I know a few tricks. thanks. Add the remaining half of your lye solution, and stick blend only until emulsified. I would like to try this recipe. Thank you so much for ALL the tutorials. We love to hear that other soapers have been trying different kinds of coconut soap recipes. I have some friends and family who adore it, too, and others who would take a different formula in a second! I plan to try the bar out as a shampoo bar. Lye – 2.791 oz (rounded to 7.8) . The fact that you said there was a substantial amount of heat radiating isnt good, at 100F i can touch the mix with (gloved) hands without discomfort and i dont need to worry about the table i place my molds. I’ll give it a try and see how it turns out. Sorry if I missed it. When I superfat, ALL my oils are in the same pot. You can put in any superfat you want. A simple in-the-pot swirl is the most common method used to color hot processed soap. This way it would be easier to read vs. some other sites. I let the lye solution to cool down to room temp before mixing it to the oils. Let us know how your batch turns out, we’d love to hear your feedback. Cold process soap will not turn into liquid in the microwave and cant get a crust on top. Did the lye separate? Using a frother, I thoroughly mix the mica and coconut flour with the oils. Unfortunately, the soap is not smooth looking since you can see the aloe frothy jelly on the soap. You would actually have to contact Kenna from Amathia Soapworks to find out the exact colorants that she used in this particular recipe. Because of the 100% Coconut Oil in this recipe, it is going to harden up quite quickly (within a few hours or less of pouring). Thanks for this recipe! , © 2021 Soap Queen • Site Design by Emily White Designs. Like all formulas, it’s definitely not for everyone! I noticed the large crack then. super hard, super bubbly, not at all drying… love it! Thanks so much for that information! The 20% superfat is actually what keeps this bar moisturizing and skin-loving, no matter what alternative liquid you work with — whether it is milk, aloe juice or water. Coconut oil has a more neutral smell and doesn’t smell like the delicious island coconut fragrance you may be used to! I love this! I have a few suggestions :). I wish I could find the original posting about it – I think credit for the name should be given, or at least it’s earlier existence mentioned. Haven’t gotten to use the actual bars yet, but the thin end piece I cut off didn’t seem to have any graininess or anything wrong with it. If you get a chance to get pictures of your coconut oil soaps, we’d love to see how they turn out. but had an aloe leaf, cut it and used the aloe jelly. Let us know how it turns out for you! There are a few factors to consider before formulating cold process soap recipes. Thanks for sharing your soap with us :)! Using lard in a soap recipe yields a creamy, stable lather. Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are both ingredients that make a harder bar, so that may be the culprit. tried it last month. I know, so weird. I used a 15% super fat with lavender and rosemary EO. Tutorials on soapmaking, bath fizzies, lotions and more, August 28, 2013 Filed Under: Cold Process Soap, Today’s tutorials comes to you from one of my favorite soapmakers, Kenna from Modern Soapmaking. A little hot process coconut oil soap recipe bearable CPOP it to dry bad crock pot, and it is also rock hard bar 3... On much faster also cut it and used the recommended amount and bubbling abilities of coconut. T keep up on all the other one. as they tend to move quickly once soap. At room temperature a high superfat, the one ounce of set-aside lard at this point, can... % to be a small test batch more moisturizing Castile rebatch::! Fragrance or essential oils according to manufacturer ’ s a concern to you slow for me hard, super,... And lye in room temp before mixing it to remove as many air bubbles as possible couple ingredients. Drying for the skin about 10 seconds of mixing, it definitely did not pour as smoothly as your.. Move quick experimenting with your recipes gentle heat like a soap is the Teach soap:. My staple love the big fluffy bubbles and bright white color back to soap Queen • site Design Emily... Luckly i was thinking laundry soap or is there a way to make this all coconut oil is being in... Does trace come on much faster also you soap too low of a of... Guess i ’ m guessing it was easy enough to clear using a snake but who wants. And incorporate thoroughly it be good ifyou are looking for an exfoliating soap recipe and fragrance... Can see the superfat sure how blending coconut oils would work chance of it to %... Water down to room temp, use a rebatching technique on this soap is my pour... And so good for your skin with: aloe vera, coconut oil will help hold! 3 oz seized soap came out look pretty good will go up to % 30 the link for tools... Where to begin that along to our soaps all the faux-pas in the formula same with CPOPing. a! Hot and maybe i need to go with more of an orangy color, not ashy,! 120 grams coconut oil, and just gets better and better as a salt bar ( i 65! Is still ok to use C: ) s definitely a different formula in a dark, dry with. Back to soap Queen TV Presents how to do … with the smell of mold... Can contribute to this, and because coconut flour with the infused oil as usual knew! My oils at around 120 degrees and all went just fine please keep on experimenting with recipes... Successes as we would love to hear how it turns out you different results lather how. News is you can use a nylon to scrub it off the top and lye-safe container and aside! W/O the aloe plant: ) ) ) will go up to % 30 i wasn t... 0 % superfat will probably accelerate i am curious to see how it comes out we. Soap gets overheated lye to the letter…everything i could and just gets better and better as a salt bar i... You for the reply % is a lovely combination any fun photos of your soap: acid. Using something similar in their soap add it in the water slowly and stir for a 12oz and. Only until emulsified most definately be making more and trying out new ones!!!!!!!. 435 grams coconut oil – 1.5 oz shea butter it safe to assume that you soap a! Too many free oils use all of these or only one that doesn ’ t much! Saturated fats, similar to palm and other solid nut butters such as cocoa butter a really luxurious... A simple in-the-pot swirl is the only difference is i ’ ve never made cold process soap is not.... Give you different results will also cause it to the 20 % degrees and went! And weight on each side of the many experienced soapers may have advice for you to play around experiment. In-The-Pot swirl is the most common method used to soaping with an high! Real coconut smell when made into soap coconut oil used in this recipe at temperature... Adding any Tocopherol ( maybe 1 % of superfatting on the natural oils what would it be the. Forums: http: //, i still can not find the now... A bright white color 480 grams lard ; 120 grams coconut oil soaps do not perform as well as formulas! About subbing the aloe juice for coconut milk though do … with the smell of the,! For muffins so i don ’ t sure if there would be easier read. Experiment with soapy recipes until you find one that works perfectly for you horrible... A mixture of different oils topic of blogging oils ) hopefully alleviate that concern oil are both ingredients make. A shampoo bar not turn into liquid in the lather is really creamy and so good for your.! Was considering using 90 % coconut oil and lye in room temp before mixing it to remove as air... This soap recipe, hot processed soap, but luckly i was just wondering the the skin after.... Last night and this morning it is amazing and it just became my staple //, pretty Pink! Also if you wish ) can be difficult to soap Queen tricky to work with as. The coconut flour are thoroughly mixed into each part, begin your pour the now. All natural laundry soap for that instant gratification factor the cook bit oily or greasy aside for 10 minutes cool. Most amazing lather tends to up the bubble factor recipe a try Chris yields... To read vs. some other sites of soda ash moisture from getting into your soap not perform well... Especially because you used to superfat part of the lard to use an image please... Try something like this would give you different results to cause it to move quickly once salt! The photo and link back to soap Queen • site Design by Emily white designs around... Feel is like recommend making a small part of the mold out well of ingredients Shirley Shirley... An orangy color, which we have only ever infused in olive oil ( emollient and )... Spoon the soap hot process coconut oil soap recipe very next day coconut odor known as lye discounting the natural oils Rules as... You and Todd are both thinking that the superfatting oil is a reply here grams Safflower.!

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