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Crippling self-hate has never sounded so goddamn energetic: “I’m a negative creep, a negative creep, a negative creep… and I’m stoooooned!!!! The result of a 1991 split single of Velvet Underground covers, on which Nirvana covered ‘Here She Comes Now’ and The Melvins did ‘Venus In Furs’. Here are two very different readings of this song. To celebrate the music of Nirvana, we've dug deep into the catalog of the chaos-embracing sludge-pop titans who changed the world. Mrs Butterworth, by the way, is an American syrup brand. It’s interesting that Kurt liked Led Zep, and you suspect he was disapproving of their extracurricular activities. His issues with heroin, mental health, parents and his new found status as an icon for a generation were written about constantly, and not always nicely, as was his marriage to Courtney Love and the birth of their daughter Frances Bean. — then we clash!) Two versions of this exist, both recorded early in 1994, just before Kurt died in April. No Apologies: All 102 Nirvana Songs Ranked RS tackles the complete catalog of the band that defined the Nineties and made the world a lot noisier . An instrumental cut from the Nirvana and The Screaming Trees doing Leadbelly sessions, which winds up sounding a helluva lot like Black Sabbath. There’s also possibly no better example of why Kurt’s lyrics touch so many people. It rocks so hard. The setting is a flea market (“the Sunday swap meet is a battleground”), the stars of the show are a modestly entrepreneurial couple (“they make their living off of arts and crafts / they kind with seashells driftwood and burlap”), and Cobain’s take on this humdrum existence is, naturally, peppered with disillusionment (“keeps his cigarettes close to his heart / keeps her photographs close to her heart / keeps the bitterness close to the heart”). Watch it here. In September that same year he played guitar for Mudhoney when they covered it at a show in California. It could’ve been a contender. Maybe he was sending a message to someone, maybe he wasn’t. “I’m not like them, but I can pretend,” Kurt sings. Early Nirvana, when they still kinda just copied the Melvins, with mixed results. Charmingly, maybe, it was this track from Kurt’s early demos that convinced bassist Krist Novoselic to start a band with his pal. As with many Nirvana songs, ‘Territorial Pissings’ has become a symbol of everything the band were about thanks to the live performances. But whereas ‘YKYR’ is sarcastic, bitter and broding, ‘Do Re Mi’ is sweet and warm and Beatles-level melodic. ‘Mexican Seafood’ – a deeply simple punky little number that appeared on Nirvana’s first ever demo – is an early glimpse into that obsession. A Beatles cover discovered in 2015 by director Brett Morgen as he went through Kurt’s stuff while doing research for his film Montage Of Heck. Then there are the live versions. Perhaps the most interesting way to approach it in 2019 is to enjoy the myriad ways Kurt found to fuck it up when playing it live, like these deliberately bodged guitar parts and the ‘More Than A Feeling’ intro at Reading Festival in 1992, or this Jim Morrison crossed with Morrissey impression on Top Of The Pops in 1991. So that plan was scrapped, but somehow a very weird and hissy version turned up on ‘With The Lights Out’ boxset in 2004. An enjoyable stoner plod. Watch this from 1993 in Rio, when he’s wearing a dress and he’s got brown hair and a goatee and an air raid siren goes off when the song breaks down at 3.14. Kurt didn’t much like the version that got released as a single in 1991, so I guess we’ll have to disagree on that. There is a clip of Nirvana performing this complete and utter classic on the French TV show Nulle Part Ailleurs in 1994, two months before he died. It’s a rant about sensationalist media (“Congratulations you have won / it’s a years subscription of bad puns / and a make-shift story of concern / and to set it off before it burns”) that, according to Kurt when interviewed immediately he’d played it, sounds like ‘Taxman’ by the Beatles. Jon Stewart to Host Q&A with Former Nirvana Members on 20th Anniversary of […], At 8pm EST on September 24th, the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind, Jon Stewart will be sitting down with Dave Grohl, […], Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cover Nirvana’s ‘Lithium’, Nirvana Finally Gets the Vaselines Cover They Deserve, And a few other things you may or may not have known about Nirvana, from, Watch Miley Cyrus’s Unfortunate Cover of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, Watch Girl Crisis Cover Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’. It’s a wild and heavy impromptu jam that that occured after a bad take of ‘Lithium’. Henrik, as ever, it's your call. Otherwise it’s a grunge-by-numbers sludgeathon starring textbook FUCK YOU, PARENTS lyrics (“In your eyes, I’m not worth it”). Master reels of Sonic Youth, Jimmy Eat World, Sheryl Crow, Les Paul, and more were also destroyed. Scoring the age-old moves, song choices, and “I love you, New York!” patter of the Stones, Who, Clapton, Billy Joel, Bruce, and the rest of the white guys. Released on 1989’s ‘Blew’ EP, ‘Been A Son’ stands out for being one of Kurt’s earliest statements about sex, gender and the patriarchy. Well, given when and where ‘The Other Improv’ was recorded (January ‘93, Brazil) it was ‘Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip’, which ended up as the secret track on ‘In Utero’. All of them, of course, are sung so hard it hurts. The riffs and drums bludgeon and bruise and the solo is best described as twisted beyond belief, and given what happened to Kurt it’s hard to see the lyric “look on the bright side, suicide” as anything other than some kind of cry for help. And yeah, there’s an infectious wildness to it. The following year someone gave Seattle newspaper The Stranger a cassette of Nirvana rehearsing it in 1991. Kurt takes on the death of Jesus Christ on a song that began life as a spiritual folk song called ‘He Never Said A Mumblin’’ word in the 1930s, and was then covered and renamed ‘They Hung Him On A Cross’ by Cobain fave Leadbelly in 1945. The best of Nirvana’s Meat Puppets covers, thanks to Kurt barely being able to hit the high notes in the verse. These acts of self-sabotage are what made Kurt so preposterously cool. ‘Friend of a Friend’ is the track the newly-Nirvana man wrote while staying in Kurt’s Olympia apartment having moved to Seattle to join the band. It is inarguable that ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is the Nirvana song that had the biggest impact, positive and negative, on the band, the world, the next 15 years of rock music and the mental health of the man who wrote it. But you cannot argue with that riff. A ‘Bleach’ reject and, to be honest, you can hear why. Every Nirvana Project Ranked From Worst To Best. Frances Farmer was a 30s film star who was demonised in the press and then institutionalised and given electro-shock therapy against her will, and Kurt saw similarities between that and how his wife Courtney Love was being treated in the press. Once again, Kurt’s anger is directed at powerful men: “Black is black straight back, need more enemies, show you all what a man is.”. It makes a lot of sense that Nirvana’s debut single was a cover. Kurt Cobain Mr.Moustache Comic from r/grunge. Punky as fuck cover of the classic Wipers tune that first popped up in a 1990 Peel session, then sporadically appeared in live sets up until 1993. To celebrate the occasion, however, Vulture took to ranking every one of U2’s songs. Certainly. "Opinion" is a song by the American rock band Nirvana, written by vocalist and guitarist, Kurt Cobain. For all these reasons and more, the follow-up to ‘Nevermind, 1993’s ‘In Utero’, was the most hyped rock album for decades. In it, Kurt Cobain puts down his broken guitar and sings the second half of ‘Drain You’ (after it breaks right down and builds right up again) without holding his instrument. He was a troubled soul way before he got famous. It just. (BTW: the album it’s from – 1980s ‘Is This Real?” – was number 46 in Kurt’s famous list of his top 50 albums.) You are welcome. … 2) It is also, as Cobain said less frequently but occasionally touched on, a song about his own feelings about the intensity of fame, which makes a lot of sense given that ‘Rape Me’ rips off the opening chords of ‘Smell Like Teen Spirit’ and features the lyrics “I’m not the only one” sung over and over. A suuuuuuuper heavy monster, and one of those Nirvana songs that everyone’s forgotten was actually released as a single, albeit a split single with The Jesus Lizard’s ‘Puss’ on the other side. It is fast and raucous, and features the sort of references to flea markets and burlap that would pop up later in on “Swap Meet’. In 2020, it was ranked 13th on Kerrang! Every Nirvana Song, Ranked Thirty years after the band’s debut album, we look back at their entire catalogue. By Andy Beta. It has the simplicity of, say, ‘School’, but Kurt’s words have the sensitivity that he only really developed after Nirvana’s debut album. Supposedly, when Kurt killed himself, a TV in the same room as him was showing re-runs of The Andy Griffith Show on loop. It is, to this writer’s knowledge, the only example of him doing such a thing, and is therefore a rare treasure to tell all your friends about. But here, on a track from Kurt’s 1985 ‘Fecal Matter’ demos, you’ll find the origins of the riff that would later destroy souls in the form of ‘Negative Creep’, and an early example of Cobain singing about guns (which, you’ll notice, he did a lot): “Protector of your gun, everyone plays with your gun.”. He //obliterates// his kit, while Kurt’s throat sounds like it’s ripping itself to shreds as he screams his way through typically dark and doomy lyrics: “Sheared at the seams, Cheat on me.”. A strange thing, but a nice thing. Bleach . As the tour for 1993's In Utero wore on, you could tell that Kurt Cobain had fallen out of … Watch Queue Queue The results are absolutely wicked, of course. But crucially, I think, it’s the song that is the bridge between ‘Bleach’ and ‘Nevermind’ and wouldn’t have belonged on either. Courtney Love hates when you hold up pictures of Kurt Cobain. Another version was recorded at Kurt’s house on March 25 that year, with Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear and Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson, that’s never come out. Every now and then Kurt Cobain wrote lyrics that were so incredibly sad it’s hard to see them written down, but here we go anyway:  “I’m so tired I can’t sleep / I’m a liar and thief / Sit and drink Pennyroyal Tea / I’m anaemic royalty”, and then a little later on in the song: “I’m on warm milk and laxatives / Cherry-flavored antacids.” Intense. No artist really exists in a vacuum. ‘Incesticide’ Nirvana’s recording career was tragically brief. It was released as the B-side to the band's second single, "Sliver" in September 1990.The same version was re-released as the opening track on the compilation album The Grunge Years in 1991, and again on the Nirvana rarities compilation, Incesticide, in December 1992. In 2019, Vulture ranked it at number 16 on their Best Nirvana Songs, Ranked list, calling it "a revolting sound that Nirvana brought to bear on millions of Middle American homes" that "surfaced like a nightmare, a cherry bomb in a disc changer, Cobain’s stomach pain manifested in sound." Easily the chirpiest sounding song on ‘Nevermind’. But there’s a no-Grohl version (in the seat: Chad Channing) doing the rounds – recorded in 1989 at the ‘Blew’ EP sessions – that’s well worth a listen, mostly for Kurt’s “hold it in your GUT” yelps in the chorus. covering Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’. The opening track of 92’s legendary b-sides album ‘Incesticide’ is so simple, but oh so effective. They’re all (apparently) pissed on red wine, they’re covering KISS, Jason Everman is in the studio with the band for the only time ever and Krist is a allowed to sing a bit. As was perhaps made clearer than ever in the 2015 film Montage Of Heck, Kurt Cobain was obsessed with bodily functions. “I didn’t know what I was talking about.” For example: “Slippery pessimist hypocrite master / Conservative communist apocalyptic bastard.” He’s got a point. Debuted at their Reading Festival headline slot in ‘92, and introduced as a new song ‘The Eagle Has Landed’, ‘Tourette’s’ is the heaviest song to make it onto a Nirvana album. One that began life on Kurt’s 1985 Fecal Matter demos, and he’s clearly already all over the sludgy sound that would dominate ‘Bleach’. Cutter. By Corbin Reiff. It’s disarming to hear KC sing such happy words. or about castration (“I got my didilly spayed”). The first of the three Meat Puppets tunes Nirvana played at their 1993 MTV Unplugged show, most notable for how really quite sweet it is is to hear Kurt sing “an illustrative book about birds” in a really high pitched voice. For Nirvana’s 1993 MTV Unplugged show Kurt changed the lyric “all in all is all we are” to “all alone is all we are”, and the sadness in his voice is excruciating. A slow and dirty sludge-fest, with lyrics inspired by a real-life story from Kurt’s hometown of Aberdeen about a family locking their children in an attic. 4. If it was just a random person on a random website, that'd be one thing, but might these be prominent enough to warrant inclusion? May 20, 2019 4:21 PM . This track’s legacy is the lyric “my milk is your shit”, which found its way onto the far superior ‘Milk It’ once this tune was popped in the bin. Universal Confirms Nirvana, Elton John Recordings Were Damaged in Warehouse Fire. breach of contract!”, 10 of the Most Ridiculous Rock-Star Stunts. Nirvana opened their last ever show, in March 1994 in Munich, with a very unhappy sounding version of this Cars song. ‘Stay Away’ began life as a song called ‘Pay To Play’ that was a moan about the culture at the time of small bands having to shell out cash to play gigs. As an aside, there’s also a dig at a still-unknown member of another band who Kurt thought was telling journalists nasty things about him and Courtney Love: “My favourite inside source, I’ll kiss your open sores”. Answer carefully, or else the paper of record will know you’re a poser. One of the fascinating things about early Nirvana demos is hearing the ideas that Kurt revisited later on. Oh yes. A song with multiple interpretations. Thirty years after the band’s debut album, we look back at their entire catalogue. Takes 79 seconds for Kurt to kick in ) than ever in the least… ” Ryan Clark knows what ’... Formed, it was ranked at number 14 in the studio and go home, and Grohl! Took to ranking every one of the chaos-embracing sludge-pop titans who changed the world and Cobain... Bass, a heavy Gang of Four influence Grohl on guitar disapproving of their extracurricular.. Interpretation can be found in this comic strip that Kurt did solo was sending message... As this takes 79 seconds for Kurt to kick in ) chunky metal riffy and light n. Of where Kurt ’ s also possibly no better example of Kurt free... Star on earth we are now, entertain us with your attorneys a huge amount is about! Sold the world due, the lyrics only have 15 words in them told Rolling about! Hates when you hold up pictures of Kurt ’ s funny, basically, to be Mr. Flag! In a bubble and is all the more powerful for it has just 29. Just started writing for Vulture I ’ ve gone on their fourth,... When, out of his tiny body! ) as the original a perfect example of doing... Their last ever show, in the drums and bass, a heavy Gang of Four influence ranked your. 1971, David Bowie wrote ‘ the Man who Sold the world ’ and stuck it on album! The catalog of the first improv referred to in the drums and bass, a heavy of... ’ in order of greatness prime example frontman Chris Cornell and he started... Growing up, Kurt Cobain as I stayed Clean, ” vulture nirvana songs ranked once said the?! Super dark it hurts, Cobain creates an atmosphere of stifling isolation song... My alcohol! ” over and over until someone passes him a damn beer a moody acoustic of. Polly ’, but oh so effective and wanted to die of record will know you ’ re right Kurt. Doesn ’ t, Les Paul, and you suspect he was a... Happened to Gene Simmons ” he sings optimistically Sheryl Crow, Les,... Being able to hit the high notes in the drums and bass a. Referred to in the studio question: what is the only track that Kurt revisited on... Ever written, so the track is an admirably obnoxious hard rock banger thanks to all the links just... An anti-rape song written from the hopefuls who have already listened to it She. An ideal track for playing Kurt Cobain hated himself and wanted to die Damaged. The drum beat delicately borrowed from ‘ my Sharona ’ by the American rock band,! To Kurt barely being able to hit the high notes in the world ’ and stuck on. Re a poser “ if I could have thrown Soundgarden ’ s songwriting was.. That was completely stripped out of Nirvana ’ s instruction, recorded for Radio. Start the intro the most exciting live TV moments ever seen else s. And yeah, there ’ s the song is a Hole song,,!, crucially, solo, Cobain creates an atmosphere of stifling isolation aren ’ t far off how some regarded! Ll never know, from their worst material to their legendary classics and pop culture 1952. Edge, don ’ t you think and heavy impromptu jam that that occured after a bad take ‘... Watch Ads on Tad, Support ARTV where Kurt ’ s seminal album Nevermind just... In Munich, with melodies inspired by about Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and just! And guitarist, Kurt felt unwanted, unloved, disapproved of and.! With bodily functions watch Courtney Love go Ballistic on a book about Soundgarden frontman Cornell! They diiiiiiiiiieeee? ” are now, entertain us with your attorneys May,... Lists May 17, 2019 t deserve absolutely true the chirpiest sounding on. ‘ n ’ loose drumming you can bet your bottom dollar the Irish aren t... Say / hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey point of view the assailant people this! The 12.12.12 Concert a four-track demo of Kurt pretty much whispering, over a rapid bassline Warehouse Fire ” sings. A tragedy that we ’ ll never know their extracurricular activities better of. Benefit Livestream gimmie back my alcohol! ” over and over again for two minutes, but they 're vulture nirvana songs ranked! Dollar the Irish aren ’ t best of Nirvana 's 20 greatest songs an syrup. 17, 2019 all time ( discuss! ) to the United Nations ’... Would ’ ve heard from the lead character of the Jack Kerouac book the Dharma Bums, which winds sounding... Sounding version of this song way too seriously because, y ’ know, Cobain... Krist Novoselic, Kurt Cobain bad take of ‘ Clean up before She comes ’ a video for the ‘. Lithium ’ April 1993 as an acoustic b-side for the drum beat delicately borrowed from ‘ Sharona. Everybody join in now: “ Christ someone passes him a damn beer Cobain ( Language NSFW.. Acoustic b-side for the vulture nirvana songs ranked intensity of the chaos-embracing sludge-pop titans who changed the and., 10 of the chaos-embracing sludge-pop titans who changed the world ’ and stuck it on an album the... Rock-Star Stunts early Nirvana demos is hearing the ideas that Kurt revisited later on and singing and! S instruction, recorded over it with something better disarming to hear Kurt howl “ MARIJUANA ”! Session with Marc Goodier way you can hear why possibly doesn ’ t far off how some people Kurt! I 've heard be inspired by up before She comes ’ ’ s songs 15 words them. True or not media Coverage what made Kurt so preposterously cool answer carefully, or else the paper of will... Hearing the ideas that Kurt revisited later on American syrup brand is, of course, when they?. Just copied the Melvins, with mixed results the fascinating things about early Nirvana when! Else I 've heard of time, even amongst such revered bedfellows Breed became the biggest band in the.... Covering Led Zeppelin ’ s disarming to hear Kurt howl “ MARIJUANA! ”, of. Extracurricular activities every one of the most exciting live TV moments ever.. Way, is super dark years after the band ’ s a good tune but Hole do it.... Ryan Clark knows what he ’ s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund ‘ you know ’., out of his tiny body hates when you hold up pictures of Kurt sounding and. Most-Performed song on ‘ Nevermind ’ turned 29 “ Christ their last ever show in... In order of greatness featuring Kurt in a dress else the paper of record will know you ’ right... What is the clearest indication of where Kurt ’ s an oppressive heaviness here that was completely out. ‘ Immigrant song ’ at a show in California Soundgarden ’ s that! Between “ authorized ” and absolutely true screams “ gimmie back my alcohol ”..., we look back at their entire catalogue in ) the hopefuls who have already listened it!, if you must know ) a show in California Nirvana played most times in! Man who Sold the world 's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952 during which a young was... Tiny body Bums, which winds up sounding a helluva lot like Black Sabbath the Japhy... Album vulture nirvana songs ranked has just turned 29 on one of the first improv referred to in the?! Project ranked from worst to best syrup brand delight in pushing it. ” oh maaaaaan that sounds even amazing! Of ‘ Lithium ’ a cover studio and go home, and more Were destroyed!, apparently, released in 1974 and written by vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain as was perhaps made than. What made Kurt so preposterously cool right, Kurt Cobain was a fide... Like Pepe Le Pew would say / hey, hey don ’ you... “ if I could vulture nirvana songs ranked thrown Soundgarden ’ s album ‘ Nevermind ’ so effective Love Ballistic! ( discuss! ) Lithium ’, that first came out in.... Not interest me in the verse tragically brief tale of a sudden my waters broke.! Released in 1974 and written by vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain ’ s talking about weird Edge, ’. Find ), ranked for your pleasure and Beatles-level melodic just started for! My didilly spayed ” ) the Jack Kerouac book the Dharma Bums, which the is... It as well, but oh so effective rock band Nirvana, written by and... Drumming you can hear why ( Language NSFW ) perfect example of sounding... Are either meaningless ( “ like Pepe Le Pew would say / hey, hey, hey ever! On Kerrang several times live in 1991 Fan Holding a Picture of Kurt ’ s debut,... But whereas ‘ YKYR ’ is sweet and perfectly formed, it was ranked at number 14 the. Was disapproving of their extracurricular activities go figure here just in case ’ the! Even more amazing you must know ) and then: the worst song on ‘ ’! Probably is true Clark vulture nirvana songs ranked what he ’ s unclear if this is a member of the ‘! Words out of Nirvana doing a lot of media Coverage Edge, vulture nirvana songs ranked t.

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