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Source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research. For all regions, we expect the sharpest sequential monthly contraction to come in December, and the peak level hit to come in January and February, consistent with the timing of the peak spread of other common coronaviruses. by Calculated Risk on 2/06/2020 03:27:00 PM. …we see multiple reasons to expect higher pass through rates on the upcoming rounds of tariffs on Chinese imports (relative to those of 2018). Source: JHU CSSE, Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research. “First, travel and entertainment spending is likely to remain lower,” Goldman Sachs’ Spencer Hill said. We think the weaker winter conditions in our revised forecast likely meet the bar, and we therefore now expect a maturity extension at the December meeting alongside the introduction of a timeline for asset purchases. We have investment banking and other business relationships with a substantial percentage of the companies covered by our Global Investment Research Division. Based on the normalization pattern following the last two presidential elections (dotted line), we estimate a net drag on annualized GDP growth of -0.05pp in Q4 and -0.3pp in Q1. As shown in Exhibit 2, restaurant activity growth has fallen by 10.5pp during the last seven days relative to the October average (-51.5% vs. -41.0% yoy), with an even more pronounced slowdown in parts of the country experiencing a sharper pickup in coronavirus infections. Tempering the language to a less acommodative tone would be in keeping with recent statements coming out of … A copy of certain Goldman Sachs Australia and New Zealand disclosure of interests and a copy of Goldman Sachs’ Australian Sell-Side Research Independence Policy Statement are available at: https://www.goldmansachs.com/disclosures/australia-new-zealand/index.html. As shown in the left panel of Exhibit 7, the 2020 election drove record levels of non-profit advocacy spending, which is recorded as consumption in the national accounts. Goldman Sachs trades or may trade as a principal in debt securities (or in related derivatives) of issuers discussed in this report. Further information on the subject company or companies referred to in this research may be obtained from Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C., Seoul Branch. A few brief excerpts from a note by Goldman Sachs economist Spencer Hill: if (CRcounter <= CRtoshow) { In it, the investment bank claimed that the main structural changes brought about by the “Great Moderation” of the 1980s — low volatility, sustainable growth, low inflation — are still in place. ), a limited partnership registered as a U.S. broker-dealer and futures commission merchant, together with its consolidated subsidiaries (collectively, the firm), is an indirectly wholly owned subsidiary of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (Group Inc.), a Delaware corporation. October consumer activity data—while still relevant from a Q4 GDP perspective—are likely too stale to cast light on the consumer response to the third wave of the virus. Tempering the language to a less acommodative tone would be in keeping with recent statements coming out of the central bank. The economic impact of the maturity extension is likely to be limited: rates are already very low, the rate-sensitive housing sector is already experiencing blistering demand and constrained mainly by supply, and the hardest-hit virus-sensitive areas of the economy are unlikely to benefit much. Supporting documentation will be supplied upon request. Source: OpenTable, Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research. dedi. Unless otherwise stated, the individuals listed on the cover page of this report are analysts in Goldman Sachs' Global Investment Research division. But the people she’s really serving are not natives and not residents of her own state but rather some very powerful and corrupt foreign financial interests. Research reports do not constitute a personalized investment recommendation as defined in Russian laws and regulations, are not addressed to a specific client, and are prepared without analyzing the financial circumstances, investment profiles or risk profiles of clients. Goldman Sachs: The U.S. Economy Is ‘Less Recession Prone’ On December 31, Goldman Sachs published an analysis of the U.S. economy. Investors should carefully consider their own investment risk. As shown in Exhibit 3, the share of small businesses currently open has fallen by 2.3pp in the retail and transportation industry (November 9th vs. October average) and by 4.1pp in the leisure and hospitality industry, on net reversing all of the reopenings that took place since April and May. ... How He Got Everything Right And What's Coming Next. We now expect +3.5% and +1.0% annualized growth in Q4 and Q1 (qoq ar, respectively, vs. +4.5% and +3.5% previously). View the profiles of professionals named "Spencer Hill" on LinkedIn. Case studies and examples are for illustrative purposes only. Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC. The Financial Times reported today (Feb. 3) that Goldman Sachs Groups is in discussions with Amazon to offer small and medium-sized business loans through Amazon Lending, the e-commerce company’s lending platform. Because the spring and the November spending inflections may have been driven by a subset of particularly virus-sensitive categories,[2] we also create a consumption-weighted spending basket of virus-sensitive groupings available in these datasets. “First, travel and entertainment spending is likely to remain lower,” Goldman Sachs’ Spencer Hill said. Hill de Goldman consideró en el nuevo informe que los teléfonos inteligentes por sí solos representan entre US$ 100,000 millones y US$ 225,000 millones del consumo real no contabilizado. While the course of the virus and the timing and scale of fiscal support will play the largest role in determining the near-term growth path, there are several other meaningful idiosyncratic headwinds to account for. Goldman Sachs predicts the Fed will make two big changes next week. David Choi +1(212)357-6224 | david.choi@gs.com . The policy and consumer spending responses will likely vary substantially by state and region. While the recertification of the Boeing 737 MAX is a positive growth development, the likely gradual ramp-up of production suggests the return of that 0.3% of GDP may take several years—implying an annualized impact on Q1 growth of only a couple tenths. Other than certain industry reports published on a periodic basis, the large majority of reports are published at irregular intervals as appropriate in the analyst's judgment. The emphasis on more targeted local measures, the differences in governors’ attitudes toward virus spread, and the wide variation in temperatures across the country all lead us to believe that the policy and consumer spending response will vary substantially by state and region. ... 1990s-style ‘mid-cycle adjustment,’” Goldman economist Spencer Hill said in a note to clients.

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