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Skilled in both batting and bowling, Jhulan Goswami is a key player on India's national team. SATNAM SINGH PANNU. Well, we won’t play a spoilsport go and identify rest of the cricketers here. W.G. So if you are also one of the fans of cricket, just attempt this quiz to check that how good you really are in following the cricket. Ravindra Jadeja 7. Lara broke Garry Sobers' long-standing Test score record, but then Matthew Hayden broke his record, so he broke Hayden's record, setting the new figure at 400. Here’s a set of 20 questions with the quiz answers. If you are a cricket fan, then this quiz is for you as it gives you a way to see just how much you know about the players of your amazing game. Cricket Nicknames 10 questions Tough, 10 Qns, Tasos_Bougas, Sep 09 05. NONE OF … try to recognize them and win the prizes, Cricketers Quiz. 1/16. Mitchell Starc. Cricket has a rich tradition of using nicknames.This is a list of nicknames used in international cricket. In 1947, Denis Compton scored 3,806 runs in all first-class cricket, with 18 centuries. Questions on Identify the Cricketers. Login GET STARTED. Identify the cricketer shown in the picture below. King of reverse swing - Waqar Younis In a final with Sri Lanka in 2007, he hit 149 in 104 deliveries. He wasn't the marquee name for his teams, often playing behind more illustrious names, but his consistent, grinding, never say die style of play meant that eventually, he would push through. Once asked if he felt pressure while playing cricket, he cited his experience as a fighter pilot, saying, "Pressure is a Messerschmitt up your ... " well, you can sort out the rest. Kapil Dev 10. Murali Vijay 14. Breaking news, interviews, opinion and cricket goodness from every corner of our beautiful sport, from village green to national arena. Mahendra Singh Dhoni 5. God of offside - Sourav Ganguly The quiz gives a hint of the famous cricketers by nicknames and one has to guess the name of the famous cricketer. Garry Sobers could field. Handsome, talented, and a master of both cricket and football, he and his brother won the 1950 FA Cup together for Arsenal, and that was just a footnote in his career. Ten questions to test your knowledge of Indian cricketers, who have played first class and International cricket. Bhuvaneshwar (Bhuvaneshwar Kumar) 13. Pup - Michael Clarke A smaller player whose teams never measured up to his talent, he did not notch as many victories as, perhaps, he should have. 4. Considering his astonishing skills as a batsman, it's impressive that Virender Sehwag bothered with spin bowling at all. We’ve also helpfully provided a hint that should almost certainly help you get the answer. 17. Cricket News Facebook Twitter Pinterest Feedback. Don The cricket council has hidden a cricketer in an optical illusion and challenged netizens to identify the player. Video Quiz Number Two - published 7 April 2020. Average darksplash May 19 09 1167 plays 10. 14. Yuvraj Singh 7. Ravichandran Ashvin 12. Jumbo - Anil Kumble Identify … Perhaps her most notable achievement is that, at Chelmsford in 2009, she scored the highest individual score versus Australia by any English woman. Have you studied? Image Credit: 18. 19 • Identify this cricketer from his younger days. Master Blaster, ALSO READ| ‘Find The Apple’ Picture Puzzle Solution Inside | The Answer Not Easy To Find, 1. Not only is she the youngest player ever fielded by the Australian national cricket team at only 16 years old, but she was also simultaneously on Australian national teams for cricket and football. Wilfred Rhodes seemed to sprout from the ground. You surely know them, and if you don’t – then you’ll slowly come to know them once you visit India. A comprehensive database of cricket player quizzes online, test your knowledge with cricket player quiz questions. Pigeon Give it a try! There have been some notable cricket players throughout time, and some of them are not that easily forgettable due to their skills. 12. 5. 23. He was one of the few players who could hold a candle to the West Indian teams of the 1970s and 1980s, providing plenty of challenge with both his defence and batting. Roger, over and out! Mr Cricket - Michael Hussey Moreover, his overwhelming sense of destiny bled into his teammates, who played better for his presence. HARJINDER SINGH TANDA. An aggressive, right-handed opening batsman, Sehwag is one of only four batsmen to surpass 300 twice in Test cricket. From fun quizzes that bring joy to your day, to compelling photography and fascinating lists, HowStuffWorks Play offers something for everyone. 20. Now well into her career, this technical master still has time to show the world her talents. He is the first Bangladeshi to take a Test hat-trick. Entirely self-taught, he found how to generate lift with his pitches, allowing him to move the ball in the air both ways. Zulu Interestingly, he has, in his career, batted in every position in the order. Add to this three World Cup-winning campaigns, and McGrath surely looks like a legend. We all have “used” his name. Panama produced some of the finest athletes in all of sport, and George Headley is a perfect example. 13. Taylor started her career with an impressive, enthusiastic play, and her trajectory is something players of both genders should look to as an example. Tick. He eventually didn’t take part due to scheduling conflicts. Perhaps a lifetime of backbreaking manual labour and illiteracy would have meant more time to perfect one's swing. Prince of Trinidad - Brian Lara Share ... How many of these cricketers can you identify without seeing their faces? ODI revolutionist mid-day Quiz: Can you identify the cricketers? Shashikala Siriwardene is, without a doubt, the greatest female player produced by Sri Lanka. Tales abound of his strange stories or offhand comments. Virat Kohli. Updated: 06 November, 2019 13:02 IST | Clayton Murzello | Mumbai. She is the only player to take 100 ODI wickets in WODIs for Sri Lanka. PM flags off 8 trains connecting Statue of Unity to other areas in India; full list here, BKU(L) writes to Delhi Police, seeks permission to shift protests at Ramlila Ground, Kumaraswamy sparks language row: 'No Kannada on inscription plaque unveiled by Amit Shah'. A player for England's national team, she also plays for the Perth Scorchers. 20. Check how many of them you can answer. Ravichandra Ashvin 11. Thank you for becoming a member. RAKESH TIKAIT. Rohit Sharma 4. 5. 18. She holds records in most half-centuries in WODIs, most runs in WODIs, only female cricketer to pass 6,000 runs in WODIs, and she scored seven 50s in a row in ODIs, making her the first to do so. The Wall Can You Name These Cricketers From an Image. Sachin Tendulkar isn't playing anymore, but he remains in contention as the greatest player of all time. Cricket Quiz. This video shows how newsreel coverage had converted to sound by 1930. Likewise, she is the only female player from Sri Lanka to take 100+ wickets while scoring 1000+ runs in WODI. In an era of smaller batting, he developed a trademark whip through mid-wicket from a delivery outside off-stump that no one has successfully duplicated. Garry Sobers could bat. 3. Identify The Cricketer. Sydney Barnes was plucked from obscurity to join the England national team and dominate Australia in his first game in Sydney. Yuvraj Singh 6. Suresh Raina 9. He is the only lefty bowler to take 400 Test wickets, and in the 2003 World Cup, he became the only bowler to take 500 wickets in ODI. You might have played Harbhajan Singh's "Guess the cricketer game" that the cricketer recently shared on his Twitter. Can you name the cricketers in these pictures? Thought to have originated as far back as the 13th century, cricket has a long history and a literacy all its own. 16. 15. Here's a look at some rare pictures of them which will make you look twice. He was a great bowler, but the way he came back from repeated surgeries on his finger and shoulder meant he was more than just raw talent. His nearly mythical ability to score runs was just as important to his overall skill set, with a consistent approach to batting that turned heads everywhere he played. Let that sink in. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world which has made the international cricketers of various teams a well-known celebrity around the globe. Tick. Haryana Hurricane Twice named Australian International Women Cricketer of the year, she plays for Australia's national team and is the captain for New South Wales. Guess the Cricketer: ICC is Back With Another Fun Quiz and It … One of the two most prolific batsmen of his age, George Headley was the first batsman to score two centuries in a Lord's Test match. mid-day Quiz: Can you identify the cricketers? Australia's Shane Warne isn't just a great player; he is a great personality. IDENTIFY THE PERSONALITY. Stafanie Roxann Taylor isn't just recognized for being a great female cricketer. It is said he once turned up to a game still in full black tie from a party the night before, taking seven wickets to bowl South Australia out for 27. Similar Guess Cricket Players Name Quiz Click here for Answer Answers to Indian Cricket Players Name 1. 1 Cricket Quiz; 2 IPL cricket quiz; also check- best pokemon quiz / best nba quiz questions. Suresh Raina 10. His record of 50 runs in 12 balls is the fastest 50 in Twenty20 cricket, international or otherwise. 7 Min, 6 Minute Quiz Zulu - Lance Klusener Mr 360 START. With Khan in charge, Pakistan went toe to toe with the formidable West Indies teams of its day. Wisden Cricket - Can you identify the India cricketers in these pictures? An excellent fast bowler, he inspired a generation of fans to emulate his style of play despite Pakistan's flat wickets.

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