how old is marcel gerard in vampire years

So Klaus better show him some respect. Marcel's style is quite similar to Klaus'. It is later revealed that he is a 162-year-old vampire. Klaus gets to the point and tells Marcel that he wants his dagger back, then Rebekah shows up. In The Devil is Damned, Marcel goes to The Bayou to warn Hayley that Finn knows about Hope. However, he is more merciful towards anyone who breaks his other laws, as shown by the countless vampires he kept locked in the Garden instead of killing them, which would take much less effort to do. It's empty but then Marcel shows up. Vincent asked Marcel if The Strix might have something to heal Cami but Marcel regretfully explained that The Strix didn't have a solution for something that never existed before like Lucien's poison. Episode Count Marcel had began his plan to reclaim the French Quarter with Thierry, Diego, and many other vampires by his side leading to an all out war: Marcel's Army vs. Klaus, Elijah and the Crescent Wolf Pack. He was against to have her sacrificed and protected her from anyone that would come near her. He apologizes for using Davina as tool but promises that now he just wants to keep her safe. While still stronger and faster than the originals, it is still unclear if Marcel's speed and strength is on par with Lucien Castle while the latter was an Upgraded Original given that their enhanced physical powers may have come from their base vampirism being amplified. Rebekah is pissed and hurt because he chose Klaus over her again. Shortly after he returned home, he aided Klaus in the conflict between Klaus and the new leader of the New Orleans witch coven, Papa Tunde. When they start looking for Davina he makes deal with Elijah to ensure that Davina would be safe from Klaus once they find her. When Marcel learned it was to rescue Tristan who had been taken hostage by the Originals, he believed it was a suicide mission. Marcel goes to talk to Davina who seems upset and is drawing. Marcel and Vincent discovered totems used to bind the children to the spell and Vincent was able to stop the spell from harming them. She unexpectedly showed up at his loft, scoffing at his lack of accomplishments as a Strix member and accusing him of getting Davina's status as Regent revoked to thwart their efforts to activate their weapon. He was a slave in the early 1800's. In For the Next Millennium, Marcel had transformed the church into a fighting gym for his vampires. Marcel goads Alistair into fighting Klaus. Kol's fury persisted until Davina and Vincent managed to make magic unable to influence the bar again. Marcellus "Marcel" Gerard is one of the main characters of The Originals. Marcel, who was also bitten himself by Klaus, was running out of time to save himself and his people. He asks Josh if he has any luck on that dating site he's on. Marcel went to the Cauldron and addressed the witches, acknowledging that they had five years of peace but now their witch problems were becoming him. Human (Originally)Vampire (Niklaus' bloodline)(Broken) (Formerly)Upgraded Original Vampire (Currently) Marcel then heads the trial and finds Klaus guilty of many sins, mostly including infractions Klaus made against Marcel and two other ancient vampires a part of Klaus' broken sireline. Marcel has been able to greatly stagger Klaus with a single punch, knocking him off balance, in another episode he managed to disarm Klaus of Papa Tunde's dagger with only one hand and during the penultimate episode, he went toe-to-toe with Klaus and even if very briefly, dominated the fight before inevitably being defeated by the Original Hybrid. It comes only out of love and respect for the people who believe in you.". He pushed Klaus away and stormed off in a rage. Having Klaus prisoner also allowed for Marcel to utilize his blood to cure any werewolf bites his men could suffer, as well just as a trophy. Marcel went to the gala where Aya showed him around and introduced him to the possibility of joining their ranks. ... Marcel: Josephine is an eccentric old bat with no love for vampires. Rebekah wants Marcel to stay safe. Klaus, seeing the power that Marcel wields, wants to know how he's doing it. After Rebekah had been daggered for 52 years, Klaus removed it from her heart. Hearing Klaus snarl quietly Marcel felt a delicious thrill skid through his veins. Klaus comes and gloats a bit, but Marcel turns the tables. Rebekah brings Davina back and gives her to Marcel who takes care of her. The reason the article has been tagged as such is that it is lacking information about recent episodes and/or correct information. Gia wants to fight to stay in the city and Josh is skeptic on how to beat the werewolf army since they now have the Moonlight Ring. He told him that he'd have until sunrise to try and figure out who took his ring and then get it from them, despite The Strix members mostly being far older than Marcel. Marcel grudgingly agreed to allow them to come back despite just driving them away, on the condition that once Hope was healed they had to leave immediately. Marcel is ruthless, but not completely without mercy; best demonstrated by the fact that he prefers to kill his victims by snapping necks, as opposed to other Vampires, who use more inhumane methods like heart extraction, decapitation, and staking. Hair color In Wild at Heart, Marcel attended a dinner Aya hosted with some of The Strix inner circle. Marcel toast to it and Klaus seems quite pleased. He also warns her to not ever touch "Cami" again. Indeed, one of his weaknesses is that being a recently-introduced character, Marcel knows little about the nature of the Original Vampires, such as Klaus' blood acting as a cure for a werewolf bite and that if one Original Vampire dies, all of their bloodline die too in matter of hours, however, not even the Originals themselves knew of the bloodline problem as it was only revealed with the death of Finn. Marcel takes her to the harvest ritual. The two entered a duel to determine who got the charter but Marcel took the opportunity to snatch the charter, reminding them that all the rules dictated was that someone had to have the charter at midnight, not the specifics on how they did that. He was born of an affair between Ansel and Esther Mikaelson and is the stepson of Mikael. Marcel was a slave of the Governor, who was also his only second born son. Aya listened to Marcel's advice and The Strix abandoned their leader to his fate. As an actor, he is best known for his role on The CW show The Originals. Klaus asks what he should do and Marcel wants to kill them all. Marcel Gerard. In Girl in New Orleans, Davina asks him for the night out and after reminding her that she's to be up in the attic for her safety, she shows him she can take care of herself by boiling his blood to which he expresses pride in her and tells her she has to be with Cami who's his friend. He has him hidden in Davina's attic. In The Other Girl in New Orleans, Marcel tried to help find Cami after she had been captured by Aurora de Martel but his efforts were interrupted by Aya. Gender Marcel supposedly studied law in the 1950s. "The old Fell property actually starts just beyond that fence"Jenna said. "Oh,who is the guy,Safari Sam"Klaus said as he shows the shirts to Katrina knowing to leaving me along with I reading. Status Klaus is stabbing Marcel to drain him of his blood. Marcel in the end decides to wall Klaus inside the Lafayette cemetery while being tortured under Papa Tunde's blade. During the night, she is with Josh to say farewell as he is planning to leave the city with Aiden, however the two of them come across Aiden's body. Marcel wanted to know who her friends were and she explained that she worked for The Strix, the oldest society of vampires in the world. Significant kills He returned as a decorated hero. He is also very brave, being one of the very few who can speak defiantly in Klaus' presence without worrying about his own life in the process. He graduated from Stebbins High School in the Dayton suburb of Riverside and from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. When Vincent remained defensive and told Marcel to stay out of witch business, Marcel goaded him by asking if he was going to get another teenage girl to do his dirty work. In Sinners and Saints, it was revealed that Marcel's cruelty was only to protect Davina, who was supposed to be used in a blood sacrifice so the witches in the French Quarter could keep their powers. He explained that someone was taking children and one of his primary rules was that kids were off-limits. It isn’t a peaceful sleep, though. In Always and Forever, Elijah had been watching Marcel, who had become vampire king of New Orleans in Klaus' absence. Klaus walks in while Marcel and Thierry are trying to establish who might have done it. He reminds Klaus that he ran from the town, then he comes back and brags about how the vampires rule and how he controls all the witches. Marcel caves and takes Rebekah to see Elijah. Klaus compels Marcel again to kill Eva's body if Rebekah tries to escape. In A Walk on the Wild Side, Tristan contacted Marcel after sending him a mask and tuxedo, inviting him to gala thrown by The Strix. Eventually Marcel finds out that Cami has discovered the supernatural world due to Klaus compelling her and using her for his plans to reclaim New Orleans. Klaus proceeds to get into Marcel's head talking about traps and flirts with the idea of riling the witches up. In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Marcel grows suspicious of Klaus and discovers he lied about where he lives. In We Have Not Long To Love, Regardless, Klaus forgave Marcel for his actions in gratitude for him saving Hope and decided to heal Marcel with his blood. With Davina's death in season three, Marcel declared war on the Mikaelsons and became the Beast of prophecy when Elijah killed him. "Thank you, Marcel but I came to visit some friends." She was thankful that she had Marcel in her life, and it is clear that Marcel would do anything for her. He offered to get Davina out of town but she denied his offer, believing she could handle herself. He helps Hayley and Jackson get things under control. "I am, Marcel Gerard, the king of this fair land of New Orleans. With Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen. He then fled with it in his hand. Marcel reacted defensively, telling some of his men to remove her from the building. In the city, Klaus goes to Marcel's. He worked with Hayley, Freya, Lucien and another member of Klaus' sireline, Stefan Salvatore. After talking to Klaus about their past, he states he and his vampires will fight Klaus out of town until they are dead which Klaus acknowledges. In Til the Day I Die, The Mikaelsons needed The Ancestors' power to defeat Lucien and the only way to get it was by sacrificing their chance to bring back Davina. He would often spar with Elijah when Elijah needed to blow off steam. He is also a close friend and confidante of Josh. Rebekah tells him that if she finds out he knew about Elijah's disappearance, she would kill him herself. She finishes the story for Tyler. He let Alistair try to fight Klaus but in actuality, had planned for Klaus to defeat Alistair. In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, after Marcel learned that Kol's resurrection had been corrupted by The Ancestors so he couldn't control his bloodlust, Marcel broke his neck during a date with Davina when he growing hostile. Later, he kills Jane-Anne for performing magic without his permission. In Season Three, Marcel does not appear in one episode: In Season Five, Marcel does not appear in one episode: He was raised by Niklaus like a son and was considered family. Marcel is convinced that nothing would mess up his town and his rule. In returning to New Orleans after a century, Klaus reunites with Marcel who has taken over his previous position as King. Marcel was stunned by the news, having loaded the kids into the ambulance himself but Vincent assured him that the ambulance had gone missing too. She left without even looking for him. He continued that he fought for Hope, kept Hayley breathing, and even kept white oak from piercing their hearts. In Out of the Easy, after Rebekah had been attacked by The Strix, Marcel worked with the Mikaelsons to try and find her. However, the two celebrated the victory until Marcel returned to his loft to find Josh unconscious and the captive Sofya missing, as the Mikaelsons learned the auction had just been a distraction in a larger scheme made by Lucien Castle. When Sophie, Jane-Anne's sister, comes to collect her body and put it in a cemetery so she can be at peace, Marcel takes it away from her and says that Sophie must cooperate in order to put her sister to rest.

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