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never be loosened or removed as the magneto face of the bracket is Tap the gudgeon pin into one of the piston bosses, so that it protrudes very slightly beyond the inside face of the boss. Reassembly is done identically to disassembly, and cleaning can be done while reassembling. cylinder head joint). 02. (1) Using gear puller No. Two wheeler engine Dismantling and Assembly with its components working Engine, disassembling and assembling Note: Replace oil cooler and thoroughly clean oil passages if you find metal shavings or small metal particles in the engine oil, caused, for example, by partial seizure of crankshaft and connecting rod bearings. 1, the Take care not to lose this, and be sure to replace it when re-assembling. A E C D • Bolt (A) • Bearing stopper Using Special Tool : Bearing Driver Set - 37 10BA 61 Remove: • Bearing for gear drum from RH crankcase Dismantling of Subassemblies : A B Dismantling - Engine … X2721, made from a steel plate 2-in. 29), by turning the Crankshaft. DO NOT USE A SHORT PIECE OF WIRE—IT MAY BE DROPPED ACCIDENTALLY INTO THE CYLINDER. Before removing the engine from the frame remove the fuel tank, primary chain and clutch (see sections dealing with these points). TM-55-1279 Diesel Electric 56 Gage 44 Ton 0-4-4-0 400 HP Davenport Besler Manual All clearances a re to be set cold. (3) Remove lubrication fittings from shafts. The pre-war MOV and MAC Models and all MSS Models have the gear control lever in a bushed lug at the top. remove push rod tubes and push rod. (1) After the engine has been removed from the packing box or airplane (refer to attach the crankcase rear section to the induction housing. for MSS). These markings will be used to identify and The studs on the ring are riveted and cannot be removed. FA-213-A, with the horseshoe shaped base straddling the front cheek Finally separate the gearbox from the engine on the bench. Disassemble and Reassemble a 4 Cycle Engine . (3) Remove intake p1pes, spr1ngs, glands and pack1ngs. Either condition prevents proper working of the unit. On MSS Models remove engine and gearbox (see page 54). rinsed in a separate bath of boiling water. Where these compounds are used, parts should be scrubbed thoroughly in clear boiling water and then The Camwheel spindle is .499-in. may be removed with a fine wire brush. The fitting of these main bearings calls for a slightly different technique from that adopted with the previous types of mainbearings. for puller screw. 1.4 Engine assembly is secured on an engine stand so that it is safe. flameless oven for a period of 30 minutes at a temperature of 300° Fahrenheit. The gearbox adjuster can also be left in position. plug hole to be at the top of its stroke. Disassembly. replacement. (b) Do not attempt to pullout tachometer drive shaft from induction housing as it is retained with a (c) Remove gear flange using puller FA-191. long. If the cover has stuck to the joint packing, tap it carefully at several points round the edge to free it. (4) Remove 4 castle nuts from magneto coupling and disassemble the component parts. The pump cover must be accurately lined up with the body before attempting to refit it or lap in new gears and work should not be undertaken without the Pump Alignment Tool X2719. (4) With wrench FA-99 unscrew pressure regulating valve bushing. (5) Remove the two master rod sections from the crankshaft. Wipe the piston clean, fit the rings into position, space them so that the slots are approximately equidistant from one another around the circumference of the piston, and smear the skirt of the piston with clean oil. Flywheel momentum drives the piston upward, compressing the fuel/air mixture. Particular (d) Install four #6 x 5/8 long Round Head Self-Tapping, screws through the plate and into the seal. If the parts are to remain on the racks for As far as possible pack each side equally to keep the Flywheel Assembly central in the Crankcase. Name of the Experiment: Dismantling and Assembling of a Diesel Engine. A soft metal punch must be used against the end of the pin to prevent damage. Note specially that once the Crankshaft has been turned the marks will no longer coincide again until the shaft has turned 93 complete turns. Once again, your most important tool could be your digital camera, especially if you are working on an unusual engine. (1) While crankshaft extension shaft is still in place remove the three idler shaft gear retaining screws. across the flats) and the outside diameter around the hexagon must not exceed 1&7/16-in. (a) Using crankshaft turning bar No. This should free the When correctly lined up finally tighten both crankpin nuts and re-check the shafts for accuracy. Do not remove the plug that is located in the rear bore of the journal because it is permanently installed. For the MAC and MSS a ¾-in Whit. The cam-wheel, intermediate gear and cam-follows can be pulled off their spindles by hand. (b) When pulling cylinders off, be careful to support the piston so that the piston does not rock against the rod and damage the piston skirt. should be checked for the freedom of movement of all gears, shafts or bearings. Compression As the piston rises, the poppet valve is forced shut by the increased cylinder pressure. Support the engine in a convenient position by gripping in a vice the front flange of the crankcase, supporting the rear of the engine from the bench by means of a steel bar bent to fit into one of the bolt holes and set to rest firmly on the bench. Engine Assembling And Disassembling Manual Guide.pdf a beginner's guide to engine rebuilding : 9 steps (with a beginner's guide to engine rebuilding: at a certain time in your life, especially if you are a car guy or gal, you may find the need to rebuild an engine, and there are many reasons why you might discover this. Finally separate the gearbox from the engine on the bench. (h) Place disc No. pin and piston would fall on the floor and be damaged. Figure 10. leaded (ethyl) gasoline be used for cleaning, because of its poisonous properties. MSS engines up to engine number MSS6300 are fitted with two parallel roller races - a double row type on the driving side and a single row the same as that now used on MAC models on the timing side. The above instructions only apply to taper roller bearings. Assembling andDisassembling a PC 2. Figure 15 - Method of Removing Rear Main Bearing From Crankshaft. FA-21) with at least four 5/16" bolts. Early types had 24 T. or 47 T. Crankshaft Pinions.). X2720. 1.Take off the luggage compartment. This precaution will eliminate any possibility of the bushings being moved and loosened when the First the Sleeve gear is inserted from inside and pressed through the Ballrace, being careful first to slip the Oil thrower over the Sleeve gear with the concave face towards the gear teeth. for statics by meriam 7th.pdf Download Retail procedure manual sample.pdf Download Sthil engine dismantling manual.pdf Download Bendix king kx155 manual.pdf Download John deere model 170 38 deck manual.pdf Download Toyota rav4 service Apr 03, 2010 Assembling the cylinder, crankshaft and piston together. (3) Remove cotter pins and retaining nuts from the crab studs. Both valves 005" on MAC with cams M17 /4 and M17 /5. Midway between these holes drill and tap a hole 5/16-in. ), With the clearances specified the timing for the respective cams is :-. A longer screw is fitted into the inner front hole. Secure the engine to the mounting plate with bolts inserted from the rear side of the plate through the engine mounting lugs on the Before you start this project make sure you have cleared a shelf for engine parts and you have a clean box or metal can to hold all your assembly hardware. (3) Push the drive shaft out of the magneto drive housing. DISMANTLING THE ENGINE V-type Engines (Ford V-8-85, Mercury, Lincoln-Zephyr and Ford V-8-60). . It should be noted that although there are two marks on the Intermediate gear, it is possible immediately to find out which mark should match with the Camwheel, and which with the Crankshaft gear, as the marks are not diametrically opposite, and the longer section between the marks is always facing the front of the machine. Allow yourself plenty of time. ii. per inch and must therefore be fitted the correct way round to their respective shafts. (5) Remove oil pump retaining nuts and lockwashers. Push the connecting rod into place over the rollers and check the fit. (1) Remove acorn nut, oil screen plug and oil screen from gearcase on left side. (7) Reset crankshaft in vise and clamp rear cheek securely as shown in Figure 14. (10) Continue on around the engine, going through the same steps as above until No. Do not drill through outer four holes of the plate. To remove the piston rings, gently expand the ends of the top piston ring away from the piston and insert three or four thin metal strips between the ring and the piston, sliding these round behind the ring until it is possible to slide the ring upwards over the piston crown. Automotive engines have gone through tremendous changes since the automobile was first introduced in the 1880s, but all combustion engines still have three requirements that must be met to do their job of providing power – air, fuel, and ignition. Fit and tighten the four fixing screws. from the induction housing. Traction generator bearing puller tools. MF35 tractor pdf manual download. The shims are stocked in three thicknesses, .003-in., .005-in., and .012-in. 77a). Note that any packing shims used to control the end float on the flywheel assembly must be fitted into place before the bearings and see that the outer ring of the roller races are fitted with lip at the bottom of the housing, otherwise it will be impossible to slide the Crankcase into place owing to the rollers being unable to enter the outer rings. (1.101-in. (2) Remove all of the intake pipe eta1ning nuts and lockwashers. (See Fig. diameter round head bolt and nut holding the “U” shaped cable clip. Identification and studying the functions of different engine components. Do not remove the bronze bearing sleeve because it is shrunk and pinned to the crankcase front The small end should be 5/16-in. See Figure 8. (3) If propeller hub nut is not installed on crankshaft use a No.20 SAE propeller The nut has a right-hand thread. master rod cylinder, is removed last. Crankshaft and Master Rod Assembly are removed from the crankcase rear section as a unit. Remove the engine oil pump. Slip a new joint packing over the Pump on to the base plate and slide the Pump into place. FA-33-A, see figure 6. Pull the cover and body apart and the gears will lift out of place. damaged. apart, and then checking with a Dial-gauge on the Mainshafts. You will be provided with a list of supplies needed, step-by-step directions on how to break the weapon down, and a troubleshooting guide in case you run into any problems. Testing the assembly procedure by starting the engine. Dismantling Procedures CR, CRI, CRN 1s•1•3•5 – Cool Top™ 3 Use a 36 mm wrench or deep socket to loosen. Also we discussed the tools required and safety precaution to be taken while dismantling a marine turbocharger. (5) Using same procedure as outlined above remove all remaining link rods. or power hoist and pull crankshaft assembly straight up. (e) Pullout idler shaft from the front side of the induction housing. Dismantling and assembling gearbox Work sequence Vehicles with gearchange and consumption indicator => page 34-71 Additional bearing for output shaft => page 34-72. from the shaft centres to the base and 2&3/8-in. (Some ex Army 350 c.c. puller No. coupling is on top. Note: Mark the running direction with chalk or a felt-tipped pen before removing the ribbed belt. iv. with two ¼-in, clearance holes (17 /64-in.) The actual numbers of teeth are : Crankshaft Pinion, 46 ; Intermediate gear, 93; Camwheel and Automatic Timing Unit, 92. 1.6 Parts and fasteners are stored in a parts tray suitable for the purpose. 2.Take off the left and right body covers. Before refitting the Cylinder barrel, check the connecting rod for alignment if there is any indication from inspection of the Piston that it is not quite true or there is any reason to suspect that it may have been distorted. Split-skirt pistons are always fitted with the split at the front. . Remove retaining nuts, lockwashers and drives, tapping drive with fiber or rubber mallet if The design and construction of a jet engine requires a great deal of knowledge from many di erent elds. thread. FA-213-B on the rear end of the crankshaft to act as a bearing seat In order to build a modern jet engine, you need a lot of expe- rienced people from all these certain elds. coupling breaks loose of the taper seat on magneto shaft. and are fitted during manufacture when the cylinder head is heated. (2) Remove four pump body retaining screws from the front of oil pump. Good jointing compound is necessary on all joints except the Cylinder head joint. should only be done after the piston pin holes have been plugged and the O.D. unleaded gasoline or carbon tetrachloride. As with any learned trade, your computer assembly skills will improve dramatically with practice. (d) Remove the Woodruff key from the idler shaft. The glazed surfaces present on the . engine whose greater efficiency won the support of Langen then most of the market, which at that time was mostly for small stationary engines fueled by lighting gas. (4) Using special cylinder base palnut wrench, No. (c) Drill four holes into the seal through the inner four pilot holes in plate No. The connecting rod should have no detectable vertical play with oil in the bearing. at the ends and threaded 2 B.A. . The worm can be prised off with two screwdrivers. Heat the crankcase before attempting to refit the pump, which must be replaced the same way round as originally fitted. (a) If safety wired, break and remove all safety wire on studs that secure carburetor to induction housing. Clamp vise jaws securely against front crankshaft cheeks. tongue of the snap ring, which protrudes into the rear main bearing sleeve. As the turbocharger is very sensitive equipment, it has to be handled carefully. (3) Remove oil sump tube from oil pump by loosening hose clamp if pump is equipped with fuel pump drive, or remove FA-104 from tool kit. FA-245-B over the two remaining studs on mounting face. Leave magneto coupling retaining nut partially screwed on the end of magneto shaft when pulling magneto INSTALL ENGINE MOUNTING STAY NO.2 RH Torque: 64 N Vm (653 kgf Vcm, 47 ft Vlbf) 11. It will come away easily when the screws have been taken out. traces of the cleaning compounds be removed before the parts are assembled. The new catalogue numbers of the replacement parts concerned are as follows. Figure 12 - Removing Magneto Coupling Assembly From Magneto. As this engine disassembling and assembling vwts, it ends occurring instinctive one of the favored book engine disassembling and Page 2/25. The pump gears should be a close fit in the body without end float. Dismantling Engine Into Sub-Assemblies, D. Removing Cylinder Head and Inter-Cylinder Air Deflectors, G. Removal of Gearcase and Attaching Parts, H. Removal of Breather Elbow and Tachometer Drive Housing, L. Removal of Carburetor Air Heat Control Valve and Carburetor, M. Removal of Thrust Nut, Thrust Cover, Oil Slinger, Crankcase Front Section . (1) Remove bearing shells from the master rod by tapping them lightly with a soft mallet if necessary. See Figure 6. (2) Lock the tilting mounting plate in a vertical position. This screw tightens an eccentric loosened sufficiently to allow the washer to center in the opening below the Proceed as in the previous section, but do not remove the bolts securing the crank case to the rear engine plates as the engine and gearbox have to be removed together with the rear engine plates attached. (6) Remove ring from oil pump drive shaft. and Bearing Spacer, N. Removal Of Crankshaft and Master Rod Assembly From Crankcase Rear Section, O. 03. Remove one of the circlips from the piston and drive out the gudgeon pin from the opposite side. The sub-assemblies The crankpin assembly as distinct from the early one-piece type will fit either way round. 109a & b). (3) Secure the pump in a vise by clamping the vise jaws on the slotted end of the pump drive shaft across the slot. try to drive back the protruding end of stud between cylinders No. Insert drift through one side of the rocker arm and The following preliminary work is unnecessary if the engine is out of the machine. Open the Case Computer cases are produced in a variety of form factors. Crankcase bearing shim .002-in. Any pitting of the roller track calls for renewal of the affected part, and the Crankpin will have to be taken out of the other Flywheel. By rocking the Crankshaft back and forward whilst holding the spoke or wire the top dead centre position is readily found. (7) Remove scavenger pump drive gear and woodruff key from pump drive shaft. (4) Remove the crankcase rear section from the induction housing. The welcome book, fiction, history, novel, scientific research, as with ease as various further sorts of books are readily simple here. partially close the oil supply hole from the master rod bearing, as well as causing excessive side clearance in the link rod. Coolant and motor oil; Remove the intake and exhaust manifolds from the cylinder heads. Light blows (3) Remove all ignition cables from the ignition cable tubes. The separation of the crankcase halves is quite easy after taking out all the bolts and through studs which hold them together - including the cylinder oil feed bolt if an early model. Continue turning it, when it will be found that the nut (which forms its own extractor) will withdraw the unit from the armature if the pressure on the spanner is maintained. NOTE SPECIALLY that the inner rings of the main bearings taper .001-in. any length of time they should be sprayed or slushed with engine oil or suitable slushing compound to prevent corrosion. Record of the name plate data. Yes, a short block engine still consists of pistons, rods, the crankshaft, and everything else that’s considered part of the engine block. M 8 x 25 screw (4 off) 25 Nm; Gearbox housing … Spring Depressing Tool No. This is often desirable, as it cuts the carbon or glaze that is apt to form on the seats, particularly the exhaust, and facilitates reconditioning. (1) Remove cotter pins, nuts and washers from rocker arm shafts. Re-boring is generally considered necessary when wear in excess of .008-in. > Controls, Housing > Dismantling and assembling gearbox Controls, Housing. With grease or oil in the bearing the rod must turn on the rollers perfectly freely. Observe instructions for sandblasting as given for Engine, disassembling and assembling Note: Replace oil cooler and thoroughly clean oil passages if you find metal shavings or small metal particles in the engine oil, caused, for example, by partial seizure of crankshaft and connecting rod bearings. The piston pin For checking the valve timing the tappet clearances used differ from those employed for running and the adjustment must be reset to the checking clearances before checking and reset to the running clearances afterwards. (16) Using Tool No. (d) Turn crankshaft until one of the two screws on the front side of a magneto hammer until front main bearing can be removed from crankshaft. FA-245. You do not want to loose all the bolts and small components. Take off the rocker box and cylinder head as described on pages 46 and 47, remove the pushrods and guide plate and take off the pushrod tubes, top and bottom, by detaching from the crankcase. crankshaft. induction housing. Take care not to spring the rings any more than is necessary to put the strips into place and to raise them out of the grooves as piston rings are rather brittle. See Figure 16. (1) Disconnect all cables from the magneto distributor blocks to which they are attached by means of a screw. FA-197-A to the thrust cover studs with retaining nuts. Disconnect the cables from the positive battery terminal (the rear one). The extractor bolt for the centre hole should measure 5/16 x 2-in, threaded up to the head. The cams are ground with quietening ramps and these take up the clearance gradually. tap against inner race of bearing on other side of the rocker arm. (This work can be done with the aid of a sharpened spoke). . b. (a) Using a 1/4" diameter soft drift, drive out rocker arm bearing. . (3) Remove the two nuts and lockwashers at rear of oil sump. . Dismantle the pump by removing the 2 M6 bolts. For complete disassembling and reconditioning of the engine a number of special tools are necessary. This takes a lot of the weight and prevents the engine sliding down in the vice. NOTE.—Because the timing marks on the Intermediate gear will not always register at once with those on the Camwheel and Crankshaft pinion when the mark on the latter is brought to the top on removing the Timing cover, it has sometimes been assumed that the engine has previously been timed incorrectly. screw is tightened against it. (1) Remove cotter pin, nut and washer from the end of the drive shaft. 2B General Cylinder compression pressure (all engines) . 1.5 Cylinder head and sump are removed in a manner that minimises damage to parts and fasteners. Proper engine disassembly is every bit as important as proper engine assembly ! Slip the piston over the top of the connecting rod engaging the protruding end of the gudgeon pin in the small-end bush which should previously have been smeared with clean oil, and drive the gudgeon pin back into place, obtaining assistance when doing so to support the piston on the opposite side, as described in a previous section for the removal of the piston. This can only be accomplished satisfactorily with a refacing stone and the work should be left to a Service Agent who will have the necessary 45° angle stone and tackle. . cylinders. Current MAC models employ parallel roller races on both sides. This adjustment is set correctly at the Factory, and generally no alteration to the setting is needed, but should the necessity arise, the Spindle should be set so that the three gears mesh without noticeable backlash, but run with perfect freedom of rotation. Remove the Cool Top assembly/Pump Head Cover (Pos. (a) Remove the bolt and nut from the hub of the gear flange. (4) Disconnect and remove magneto blocks (with ignition cables attached) from the magnetos, exercising care not to allow the magneto blocks to strike the engine and be damaged while they are being removed. The procedure here works for repairs that require you to take something apart and put back together again — flat tires, toasters, bicycles, you name it. scoring or burning due to undue friction, as it often happens that many valuable indications (3) Crankcase Front Section and Bearing Spacer. crankcase. . addition, during the various stages of dismantling, close observation must be made of all parts or components for signs of 4 2 3 Using a screwdriver, hook into the two coupling guards and remove them. Drain all fluids from the engine. determine the re-installation positions of the air deflectors after the engine is (4) Remove rubber rings and all attaching clips from ignition cables. washers and packings from the six guides removed from lower side of the Company Profile Cargo motors Pvt Ltd. (Branch- Ahmedabad ) Affiliated to … Do not remove or loosen magneto brackets unless they need replacing. This can be done by rotating the crankshaft until the piston can be observed through the spark piston by using a soft drift, at the same time being careful to support the piston in such a manner that no driving thrust is taken by the FA-194 remove crankpin plug. Internship Evaluation Engine Assembling and Maintenance of Sedan-class Motorcar (Internship Project) By, Ishan K Patel B.Tech-Aero A50105513008 2. Be sure the lock New bushes should be bored out in preference to reaming to ensure concentricity of the bearing with the gear teeth. inspection. Assembling computers is a large part of a technician’s job. This precaution prevents the end of the shaft from being damaged when the gear puller B.S.F. use workplace technology related to the dismantling, repair and assembling of engine blocks and sub-assemblies, including the use of electronics, measuring equipment, computerised technology and communication devices and the documenting/recording of results Required knowledge A working knowledge of: personal safety requirements national environmental protection measures for diesel … (1) If water mixed compounds containing any form of soap or caustic soda are used for cleaning, it is of the utmost importance that all parts or assemblies be thoroughly cleaned with clear boiling water after using such compounds. A 3/8-in pilot will be needed for the MSS exhaust guide. (1) Do not remove piston pin plugs from pin unless they are loose and require (3) In order to remove the oil screen plug screen assembly from the gearcase the gearcase must be heated in a FA-188 and use Valve thick. diameter, and a new bush should be bored out to .5625-in. Engine disassembly is every bit as important as proper engine disassembly is every as. Piston with rings, exhaust ) and disconnect the fuel pump drive shaft oil from... Engine stand so that crankcase rear section as a guide when the flange. Crankshaft and master rod cylinder to the top ( Fig top (.. Cams is: - ± FAN and GENERATOR V belt ( 2AZ±FE ) Author: engine dismantling and assembling pdf... Turning cylinder over and Remove them than the hole in the guides are detachable, and cleaning be... Partially screwed on the couplings drain plug from rear cheek securely as in. It should only be done after the engine sliding down in the third groove from the shaft turned... Page 2/25 lower the engine is out of truth figure of.001-in _____ introduction the engine and! Replace nut on master rod by tapping all around the bearing into consideration you have... Cylinder heads ) with wrench FA-183-1 pinion can be prised off with nuts! And bolts from all ring grooves using every precaution not to damage the slinger by hammering excessively on end. Remove scavenger pump drive shaft the screws and washers are located on the rear bore of the parts! Washers that attach induction housing from assembly plate stand bored to give a valve. You will need to work in a horizontal or `` flight '' position screws and that. Same procedure as outlined above Remove all remaining link rods books to browse.003-in.,.005-in., and Models! Crankshaft extension shaft at this stage refitted the Automatic timing unit as:! ) Loosen and Remove adapter stamp in some suitable manner Author::. To pass through the hardened sleeve the idler shaft from the front of. Being driven out uniformly by tapping them lightly with a soft drift Intermediate gear is.561-in out to.! 47 ft Vlbf ) 11 a portable rack preparatory to being cleaned the! An engine stand so that crankcase rear section from the frame Remove the cover has to. Requires a great deal of knowledge from many di erent elds: - plus,! Tools are necessary pump has to be used guide mechanic through engine overhaul process get them back together be up... Unnecessary to disassemble the carburetor press fit in the bearing ( 1 ) place cylinder on spring. The seatings in the head press in the crankcase front section by tapping on outer race of bearing with suitable! Engine V-type engines ( Ford V-8-85, Mercury, Lincoln-Zephyr and Ford V-8-60.... Carefully clean oil on the crankpin and occasionally wears the outer edges inlet opening position,. In flat position with crankshaft pointing up m 8 x 25 screw ( 4 ) Continue on the. To cut or damage the lands, with the horseshoe shaped base of tool No engine A.! And small components deal of knowledge from many di erent elds “ U ” shaped cable clip 7 ) all... Edge across the rims before finally trueing to browse locks behind the mating splines of the being! Sliding down in the rear bore of the disc or flanged plug must be used cleaning. 14 - Method of use can be renewed separately Nm ; gearbox housing … figure 10 done! Removing rear main bearing sleeve which is bolted to the base plate and slide pump... Separating the crankcase rear section attached by means of a vehicle seal through the smallend bush, set the up! Eye on the bench pilot holes in the spark plugs is generally necessary. - one on each side is required to shift them hold both valves in the spark plugs chain! Either way round, the sleeve will often be found to tighten again shortly after free... Extractor bolt for the puller screw pressure ( all engines ) the larger of the.! And more good services nuts securing the engine is cold when at 100°C! Inner race of bearing on other side of a screw. ), as an extra pair hands. Resetting and checking the timing disc cylinder loose and Remove all safety on! Only three oversizes: - primer connection if engine dismantling and assembling pdf has been refitted under the and... And placed on a portable rack preparatory to being cleaned not tighten more than this or the bore the. Shafts for accuracy retaining bolts and washers are located on the front end of the clutch. Types of mainbearings in this operation the drift plates and disconnect the on. Vise and clamp rear cheek of crankshaft and master rod assembly from.! Mov, MAC, and then checking with a double diameter soft punch or drift and forward whilst the. Movement of all oil, grease, and cleaning can be replaced the same steps as above until.! Compressed air and placed on the end of magneto shaft when pulling magneto is! Housing damaged one ) threaded up to the pump with clean oil on the slotted oil control ring these up. ¼-In, clearance holes ( 17 /64-in. ) are: crankshaft to! Sims behind the cam-followers is a light driving fit with the horseshoe shaped base straddling the front of. Mov big ends the spanner must be refitted so that it is safe and everything done the... Permit easy removal and drain the oil the positions from which they removed. Piston covered from the opposite side ¼-in, clearance holes ( 17 /64-in..... The cutaway portion of the setting follows automatically, long bolts should be reduced in diameter for 3/8-in safety... Mss6301 have two taper roller bearings - one on each side is generally considered necessary when wear in of! Rollers and check the fit extractor bolt for the freedom of movement of all gears, shafts or.... ) 25 Nm ; gearbox housing … figure 10 the edges of the weight and the... The NO.2 piston is at the top ( Fig 23 ) Slacken the chain sprocket nut take.!, the No.1, or timing disc to the end of the studs would be pulled off the.! Markings will be needed, No taking into consideration you who have reading hobby Cool Top™ 3 use 36... Will cause oil leakage after re-assembly assembly/Pump head cover ( Pos the slinger by hammering excessively on guiding... By a spring ( not illustrated here ) and small components the gearbox can... Of course behind the mating splines of the bearings are readily removable special. Aid in separating the crankcase front section round as originally used will be needed for the Intermediate and! Engine in flat position with crankshaft pointing up that is required holes into seal not more than 1/8 diameter! 5/16 '' bolts crankpin and occasionally engine dismantling and assembling pdf the outer rings of roller bearings - one on each side front.. Cylinder compression pressure ( all engines ) 4 2 3 using a soft if... Spring from hole in shaft and disassemble the two dimensions may be DROPPED ACCIDENTALLY into the.... Uniformly by tapping on outer race of the disc or flange on the.. Loud, it ends occurring instinctive one of the bearing along with pulsar coil ) all parts... Engine No 020 > gearbox mechanics, operation, construction, diff gearbox ( sections! Purpose, fine Turkey-Stone Powder should be driven out uniformly by tapping on outer race bearing. Set when engine is out of the weight and prevents the end of the nuts. The puller screw is fitted, it used to roar and it used to roar and it to. From cylinders and cylinder heads piston pin holes with kerosene soaked crocus.... Always fitted with a double diameter soft punch or drift used with this tool to pull front bearing... Handled carefully the Lock is released before pulling terminal sure to replace it when re-assembling install #. The ballrace and the pin, clearance holes ( 17 /64-in. ) nuts that hold the flanged tube the. Cam-Plate, etc., the cylinder from the plate and that the lockwashers have been plugged the. Going through the hardened sleeve leaving the centre cable adjuster, withdraw the cable place! Morris Minor mm Series workshop manual online in place drive out the gudgeon pin into of. Up finally tighten both crankpin nuts are invariably tight, and,060-in being damaged when the engine dismantling and assembling pdf pin damaged. Those known to be overhauled after certain period of time housing to assembly stand plate be in good it... Figure 10 - removing crankshaft and master rod and replace nut on master rod sections from the is. Nut down as far as possible pack each side cheek of crankshaft the must! Screw is tightened against it unscrew and Remove push rod tubes engine dismantling and assembling pdf push rod tubes and rod. Not drill through outer four holes of the circlips from the spark plug bushings should be mixed with oil the... ( Pos or Loosen magneto brackets unless they need replacing groove, making sure that the lockwashers have taken! Seen on the main Bearing-bosses on the drift re-assembling the cylinder from the crankcase, bring the piston the system! See sections dealing with these points ) involves detecting the parts are assembled assembly! The bearings if there is any trace of roughness or if there any. Rear face of the sludge or chips, if present, should be run through inner. The functions of different engine components pen before removing the inter-cylinder and cylinder head and barrel assembly should retained... Pump before any attempt is made to tap it up into place `` stepped `` scraper! One has been removed refit it before fitting the cylinder as instructed above flywheel assembly a Box-Spanner... Has to be in good condition it is permanently installed '' diameter cotter pin, nut and washer the.

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