comprises in a sentence

The secretary of state for war is the head of the army council, which comprises the heads of departments and is the chief executive authority. Its summit comprises a group of eight snow-clad peaks, and its crater is surrounded by a steep and jagged wall of rocks. It would be wrong to say, “Fifty-two cards comprise a full pack.” Likewise, America comprises 50 states, not fifty states comprise America. The artillery comprises 12 regiments of field artillery, 1 of horse artillery, 3 regiments and an independent division of mountain. The LCA comprises 75% tertiary basalts, the remainder being the older, underlying units. It comprises the valleys of the Tekez (middle and lower portion), Kunghez, the Ili as far as the Russian frontier and its tributary, the Kash, with the slopes of the mountains turned towards these rivers. - This genus, which comprises nearly 300 species, mostly Mexican, with a few Brazilian and West Indian, is called nipple cactus, and consists of globular or cylindrical succulent plants, whose surface instead of being cut up into ridges with alternate furrows, as in Melocactus, is broken up into teat-like cylindrical or angular tubercles, spirally arranged, and terminating in a radiating tuft of spines which spring from a little woolly cushion. The vegetable products comprise bananas, bread-fruit, yams, plantains, wild cotton, bamboos, sugar-cane, coco-nut and dwarf palms, and several kinds of timber trees. Interior: Coole Cottage accommodation comprises three bedrooms for up to six people. ; The shells are also very numerous, and comprise a number of the finest species in the world. Section VII., formed of the tributes of dependencies of which the two principal are the Egyptian, ET765,000, and that of Cyprus, T102,590 (assigned to the public, debt) comprises a total revenue of T871,316. Provinz Sachsen), one of the central provinces of the kingdom of Prussia, consists mainly of what was formerly the northern part of the kingdom of Saxony, which was ceded to Prussia in 1815, but also comprises part of the duchy of Magdeburg and other districts, the connexion of which with Prussia is of earlier date. The city comprises the parliamentary boroughs of the Strand, Westminster and St George's, Hanover Square, each returning one member. Its basin, which comprises a territory of nearly 300,000 sq. The districts which now comprise the province of Bassa came nominally under British control in 1900, but up to the year 1903 administrative authority was confined to the western half with Dekina (in 7° 3' E., 7° 41' N.) for its capital. use "comprise" in a sentence Often this would comprise of self-starters, or lone wolves. For example, you might say, “A full pack comprises 52 cards.” The pack is the whole shebang, so it comes first in the sentence. The curious pitcher-plant, Cephalotus follicularis, comprises a separate natural order Cephalotaceae, closely allied to the Saxifragaceae. The family comprises a single genus, Gymnotus, which holds some of the most abundant and familiar knife fish from the Amazon. 'Comprise' is used when the smaller parts are the subject of the sentence and 'compose' is used when the larger whole is the subject. The governor is a member of the Board of Pardons, the other members being the attorney-general, the secretary of state, the comptroller and the commissioner of agriculture; he and the secretary of state, attorney-general, comptroller, treasurer, superintendent of public instruction, and commissioner of agriculture comprise a Board of Commissioners of State Institutions; he is also a member of the Board of Education. Non-official agencies (supported by voluntary contributions) for exploration in Egypt comprise the Egypt Exploration Fund, started in London in 1881, with its two branches, viz, the Archaeological Survey (1890) for copying and publishing the monuments above ground, and the Graeco-Roman Branch (1897), well known through the brilliant work in Greek papyri of B. Latium originally means the land of the Latini, and in this sense, which alone is in use historically, it was a tract of limited extent; but after the overthrow of the Latin confederacy, when the neighbouring tribes of the Rutuli, Hernici, Volsci and Aurunci, as well as the Latini properly so called, were reduced to the condition of subjects and citizens of Rome, the name of Latium was extended to comprise them all. Those with long - tubed flowers comprise the genera Melocactus, Mammillaria, Echinocactus, Cereus, Pilocereus, Echinopsis, Phyllocactus, Epiphyllum, &c.; while those with short-tubed flowers are Rhipsalis, Opuntia, Peireskia, and one or two of minor importance. PLATYELMIA, a phylum of the animal kingdom which comprises three classes, the Planarians, Trematodes and Cestodes. To figure that out, but divide the price by how many units comprise of your purchase. On the Okanogan Highlands, on the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains, on the Blue Mountains and on the elevated portion of the Columbia Plain which comprises the E. The substructure of a bridge comprises the piers, abutments and foundations. Our range must embrace a much wider area - must comprise, in fact, all living matter - if we are ever to arrive at a scientific conception of what disease really means. of the eastern horn, together with a number of smaller scattered exclaves, comprise 74 of the 953 sq. The military and historical works comprise precis of the wars of Julius Caesar, Turenne and Frederick the Great. Secondary schools were established by the law of 1863 and must be provided by every commune of 10,000 inhabitants; they comprise the Burgher-Dayand-Evening schools and the Higher-Burgher schools. This is the most considerable, if not the most interesting, branch of Anglo-Norman literature: it comprises a large number of works written chiefly with the object of giving both religious and profane instruction to Anglo-Norman lords and ladies. On the completion of each revolution of this toothed wheel (which, if the number of its teeth be 100, will comprise loo revolutions of the movable plate), a projecting pin fixed to it catches a tooth of another toothed wheel and turns it round, and with it a corresponding index which thus records the number of turns of the first toothed wheel. It comprises a large number of low coralline islands and atolls, which are disposed in nine clusters extending over a distance of about 400 m. It comprises seven large volumes and a geographical appendix; but the seventh volume, the history of the sultan Husain (1438-1505), together with a short account of some later events down to 1523, cannot have been written by Mirkhond himself, who died in 1498. The Icelandic sagas also comprise much verse which is partly genuine, partly the work of the 12th and 13th century editors. m., and comprises the districts of Benares, Mirzapur, Jaunpur, Ghazipur and Ballia. 1 Locke's logic comprises, amid much else, a theory of general terms 2 and of definition, a view of syllogism 3 and a declaration as to the possibility of inference from particular to particular,4 a distinction between propositions which are certain but trifling, and those which add to our knowledge though uncertain, and a doctrine of mathematical certainty. The Bovidae comprise a great number of genera and species, and include the oxen, sheep, goats, antelopes and certain other kinds which come under neither of these designations. The Lower Sonoran zone comprises the most arid parts of the United States: south-western Texas, south-western Arizona and a portion of northern Arizona, southern Nevada and a large part of southern California. The Physalina comprise the families Physalidae and Epibulidae, of which the types are Physalia (figs. The indirect taxes comprise the charges on registration; stamps; customs; and a group of taxes specially described as indirect taxes. Other crops which are grown in the province, especially in Upper Burma, comprise maize, tilseed, sugar-cane, cotton, tobacco, wheat, millet, other food grains including pulse, condiments and spices, tea, barley, sago, linseed and other oil-seeds, various fibres, indigo and other dye crops, besides orchards and garden produce. The population of India comprises at least three strata: firstly, uncivilized aborigines, such as the Kols and Santhals, and secondly, the Dravidians (Tamils, Kanarese, &c.), who perhaps represent the earliest northern invaders, and appear to have attained some degree of culture on their own account. Rodez is the seat of a bishopric, the diocese of which comprises the department. The Latin editions of his philosophical works comprise the Commentaries on Aristotle, the Destructio Destructionis (against Ghazali), the De Substantia Orbis and a double treatise De Animae Beatitudine. That of the Vosges, which has experienced a great extension since the loss of Alsace-Lorraine, comprises Epinal, St Die, Remiremont and Belfort. Frequent political changes in Venezuela have led to various modifications in the size and outlines of this state, which comprises large areas of uninhabited territory. The Alleghanian area comprises most of the lowlands of New England. In the example above, the “whole” is The United States of America, and the “parts” are the fifty states. 1002; the second are of Tatar origin and came to India with Baber; the Syeds claim descent from Mahomet, while Sheiks comprise all other Mussulmans, including converted Hindus. ), (3) leprosy (xiii. These plant remains principally comprise well preserved plant epidermises, at least some of which are Gramineae. We should compose ourselves in the face of fear. 183+4 sentence examples: 1. A collection of formulae relating to the circle, for instance, would comprise not only geometrical and trigonometrical formulae, but also approximate formulae, such as Huygens's rule (§ 91), which are the result of advanced analysis. This subject will comprise approximately 50% of the course content. The collection of his Opera Omnia Theologica (Amsterdam, 1681), folio, in a Dutch version, comprises twenty-three tractates, with reference to nine unprinted. Comprises sentence examples. It comprises upwards of 11,000 volumes, and is patronized by about 80 members, who each subscribe one guinea per annum. The affairs of each rural county are managed by an assembly chosen for 6 years, which comprises not only elected members, but delegates from all the cities except Agram and Esseg, with certain high ecclesiastics and officials. pastorate vacancy group will comprise only Elders. 2 : compose, constitute … a … Charities, &c. - The National Soldiers' Home (1851), founded by General Winfield Scott, comprises five buildings, with accommodations for 800 retired or disabled soldiers, and 512 acres of beautiful grounds. Our wine team is consisted of devoted wine lovers. The Residency of Menado comprises three districts: Minahassa, the little states along the north coast west of Minahassa, and Gorontalo, including the other states of the northern peninsula lying along the Gulf of Tomini. ; they comprise the Cour du Cheval Blanc or des Adieux (thus named in memory of the parting scene between Napoleon and the Old Guard in 1814), the Cour de la Fontaine, the Cour Ovale, built on the site of a more ancient château, and the Cour d'Henri IV. comprise in a sentence - Use "comprise" in a sentence 1. A fourth class of electric wave detector comprises the thermal detectors which operate in virtue of the fact that electric oscillations create heat in a fine wire through which they pass. These comprise a complete mix of tenures and house types ranging from one bedroom flats through to four bedroom houses. The tableland, which forms the summit of the range, comprises one of the three zones and separates the other zones, viz. The CPS comprises fourteen independent research groups with a total of 30 post graduate, 31 postdoctoral and 15 technical research staff. The beautiful Consolation a Duperier, in which occurs the famous line Et, rose, elle a vecu ce que vivent les roses the odes to Marie de' Medici and to Louis XIII., and a few other pieces comprise all that is really worth remembering of him. The public revenues are derived from customs, taxes, various inland and consumption taxes, state monopolies, the government wharves, posts and telegraphs, &c. The customs taxes include import and export duties, surcharges, harbour dues, warehouse charges, &c.; the inland taxes comprise consumption taxes on alcohol, tobacco, sugar and matches, stamps and stamped paper, capital and mining properties, licences, transfers of property, &c.; and the state monopolies cover opium and salt. A large extent of open ground, to the west of the town, finely planted, and traversed by the river, comprises Hagley Park, recreation grounds, the Government Domain and the grounds of the Acclimatization Society, with fish-ponds and a small zoological garden. The municipal borough comprises the Stepney, Whitechapel, Mile End, Limehouse and St George divisions of the Tower Hamlets parliamentary borough, each division returning one member. This divergence is partly explained by the difference of soil - which in Drente comprises the maximum of waste lands, and in South Holland the minimum - and partly also by the greater facilities which the seaward provinces enjoy of earning a subsistence, and the greater variety of their industries. The fauna of Borneo comprises a large variety of species, many of which are numerically of great importance. The Malagasy province comprises, besides Madagascar, the Mascarene, Comoro and Seychelle islands. The twelve provinces first mentioned, which include the celebrated " Vale of Chile," comprise only 17% of the area of the republic, but the census of 1895 showed that 72% of the total population was concentrated within their borders. Its ten Sephiroth, being farther removed from the En Soph, are of a more limited and circumscribed potency, though the substances they comprise are of the purest nature and without any admixture of matter. The second class comprises three subdivisions, namely areas directly administered, native states and tribal areas. It may be pointed out here that these expressions are defined by the act, the effect of the definitions being shortly that a drain is a conduit for the drainage of one building or of several within the same curtilage, while a sewer comprises every kind of drain except that which is covered by the definition of a drain as above stated. ; It must also comprise a variety of elements, adapted to his use and convenience. It comprises 730 church members and 72 pastors and workers. Abstract Thiourea inclusion compounds comprise a thiourea host structure containing one-dimensional (1D) tunnels within which guest molecules are accommodated. The most elementary stage is arithmetical mensuration, which comprises the measurement of the areas of rectangles and parallelepipeds. The district has an area of 10,504 acres and comprises; besides Mountain Ash proper, a string of villages, the chief being Cwmpenar, Penrhiwceiber, Abercynon or Aberdare Junction (at the confluence of the Cynon with the Taff) and Ynysybwl, 3 m. The tropical zone comprises the coast and the foothills, and ranges, in its mean annual temperature, from 72° F. In the scientific use of the appellation, Dardistan comprises the whole of Chitral, Yasin, Panyal, the Gilgit valley, Hunza and Nagar, the Astor valley, the Indus valley from Bunji to Batera, the Kohistan-Malazai, i.e. The industry comprises establishments for the manufacture of woollen and linen cloth, paper, sugar, candles, soap, earthenwares, as well as breweries and distilleries. The canton comprises 3 administrative districts: the 13 communes on the right bank and the 34 on the left bank each form one, while the city proper, on both sides of the river, forms one district and one commune. The Lymexylonidae, a small family of this group, characterized by its slender, undifferentiated feelers and feet, is believed by Lameere to comprise the most primitive of all living beetles, and Sharp lays stress on the undeveloped structure of the tribe generally. It comprises two schools, the " Upper " and the " Lower," now called respectively Dulwich College and Alleyn's school. The diesel hybrid drivetrain comprises a pack of high voltage batteries to supply the electric motors. The largest is the plain of Galicia, which is part of the extensive Sarmatic plain; while in the south, along the Isonzo, Austria comprises a small part of the Lombardo-Venetian plain. Kent is remarkable as the only English county which comprises two entire bishoprics, Canterbury, the see for East Kent, having been founded in 597, and Rochester, the see for West Kent, in 600. Politically Borneo is divided into four portions: (1) British North Borneo, the territory exploited and administered by the Chartered British North Borneo Company, to which a separate section of this article is devoted; (2) Brunei, a Malayan sultanate under British protection; (3) Sarawak, the large territory ruled by raja Brooke, and under British protection in so far as its foreign relations are concerned; and (4) Dutch Borneo, which comprises the remainder and by far the largest and most valuable portion of the island. The word comprise means "contain" or "consist of." The yungas comprises all the lowlands and the mountain valleys up to an elevation of 5000 ft. The school system comprises preparatory schools, rural schools, graded schools, three high schools and the university of Porto Rico. Funds for hbpitals, hospices and bureaux de bienfaisance comprise: (c) Gerbert's theological works comprise a Sermo de informatione episcoporum and a treatise entitled De corpore et sanguine Domini, both of very doubtful authenticity. Their domain comprises the whole of British Somaliland, and probably most of Italian Somaliland. There is also an acadmie comprising Algeria. The delightfully festive evening comprises of a full program of entertainment and a delicious four-course dinner. While picture taking may appear like a simple task, thousands of nuances comprise the popular hobby, all of which can prove overwhelming to the beginner. Underground Structures The subsurface structures comprise of: One 303 m long elliptical tunnel connecting the Laws platform with the Simpson building. The kingdom of Hungary in its widest extent, or the " Realm of the Crown of St Stephen," comprises Hungary proper (Magyarorszdg), with which is included the former grand principality of Transylvania, and the province of Croatia-Slavonia. Compose is a verb that means "to combine,” “to put something in order,” or “to make up." gender parity is greater than in Niger's public schools, where girls comprise less than 43 per cent of enrolments. Coarse fabrics chiefly are manufactured, but the product also comprises percales, fine calicoes, ginghams, shirtings, towelings, sheetings and other kinds of goods. The industrial establishments comprise manufactories of woollen cloth, linen and paper, dyeing houses, breweries, distilleries, vinegar works and the central workshops of the Buschtehrad railway. The group is commonly estimated to consist of 67 islands, of which 30 are inhabited (though in the case of four of them the population comprises only the light house attendants), but the number may be increased to as many as 90 by including rocky islets more usually counted with the islands of which they probably once formed part. The Claus-Chance process, as it is called, comprises the following operations. A whole (the computer, in the example above) comprises its parts (motherboard, processor, memory sticks). Anelytropidae and perhaps also Dibamidae may be degraded Scincoids. Another useful set of graphs comprises those which give the relation between the expressions of a length, volume, &c., on different systems of measurement. The museums of the city comprise an ethnographical museum, the maritime museum established by the Yacht Club in 1874, and the Boyman's Museum (1867) containing pictures, drawings and engravings, as well as the town library. The first class comprises works on grammar, one on natural phenomena, and two on chronology and the calendar. It comprises four large apartments, hewn in the side of a hill of solid quartz rock. The former category comprises the maintenance of provincial roads, bridges and watercourse embankments;, secondary education, whenever this is n.ot provided for by private, institutions or by the state (elementary education being maintained by the communes), and the maintenance of foundlings and pauper lunatics. double-glazing briefly comprises: Enclosed entrance lobby approx. Biennial Stocks comprise the Brompton and the Queen, and they should be sown in June and July to flower in the following spring or summer. The active or standing army comprises 18 battalions of infantry, 12 regiments of cavalry, 8 regiments of artillery, and 4 battalions of engineers. The ninth district is comprised of (= consists of) 15 … The division south of the Ganges comprises portions of Allahabad, Benares and Ghazipur, together with the whole of Mirzapur, and in general features somewhat resembles Bundelkhand, but the lowlands along the river bank are more fertile. incoherent scatter radars comprises some of the most advanced radar systems in the world. The only other public building of any consequence in Herat is the great mosque or Mesjid-i-Juma, which comprises an area of Boo yds. It comprises 324 constitutions taken from Leovigild's collection, a few of the laws of Reccared and Sisebut, 99 laws of Chindaswinth (642-653), and 87 of Recceswinth. The University Library comprises nearly ioo,000 books. The judicial department comprises a supreme court consisting of a chief justice and (since 1881) four associate justices elected for terms of six years, and lower courts consisting of district courts with original jurisdiction in civil cases in law and equity, and in criminal cases upon indictments by grand juries; justices' courts, in which the amount in litigation cannot exceed $ioo, or the punishment cannot exceed three months' imprisonment or a fine of $loo; and of municipal and probate courts with the usual jurisdictions. The rental cabin comprises three bedrooms for up to six people. The third class of boroughs comprises those which have a separate court of quarter sessions, but had according to the census of 1881 a population of less than 10,000. The public portion of the buildings comprise an ornamental and lofty pavilion with entrances on each side, and a high-domed octagonal room in the centre, beautifully fitted and appointed, where public receptions take place. The three volcanic cones are relatively old and comprise late-stage fractionated and highly vesicular basalt. The American Presbyterian Mission, established in Persia in1834-1835by the Rev. It comprises about Soo houses of Afghan settlers, a colony of Jews and a small bazaar, set in the midst of a waste of ruins and many acres of debris. The Turkish or Ottoman Empire comprises Turkey in Europe, Turkey in Asia, and the vilayets of Tripoli and Barca, or Bengazi, in North Africa; and in addition to those provinces under immediate Turkish rule, it embraces also certain tributary states and certain others under foreign administration. The word is used near the beginning of a sentence. The grounds of the Cedar Rapids country club comprise 180 acres. The area under crop on the coast districts is about 320,000 acres; on the tablelands 375,000 acres; on the western slopes, i,Ioo,000 acres; the Riverina district, 750,000 acres; the western plains, chiefly in the central portion, 270,000 acres; and less than 20,000 acres in the western division, which comprises nearly half the total area of the state. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. These four legions are again combined into two " Brigades," the first of which comprises the first and second legions, while the second brigade contains the third and fourth legions. This comprises only the chancel and aisles of a building which, if entire, would rank as one of the finest parish churches in England. The industry of Beauvais comprises, besides the state manufacture of tapestry, which dates from 1664, the manufacture of various kinds of cotton and woollen goods, brushes, toys, boots and shoes, and bricks and tiles. The first group comprises such subjects as land-surveying; here the measurements in the elementary stages take place in a plane, and the consideration of volumes necessarily constitutes a later stage; and the figures to be measured are mostly not movable, so that triangulation plays an important part. subsurface structures comprise of: One 303 m long elliptical tunnel connecting the Laws platform with the Simpson building. It has mineral springs, and the industries comprise fisheries, ironworks and foundries, sulphur furnaces, silkmills, rope walks, match factories, brickworks, flourmills and furniture. Of all sea-fishes Clupeae are the most abundant; for although other genera may comprise a greater variety of species, they are far surpassed by Clupea with regard to the number of individuals. The Breviary itself is divided into four seasonal parts - winter, spring, summer, autumn - and comprises under each part (1) the Psalter; (2) Proprium de Tempore (the special office of the season); (3) Proprium Sanctorum (special offices of saints); (4) Commune Sanctorum (general offices for saints); (5) Extra Services. How to use compose in a sentence. The food of sperm-whales consists mainly of squid and cuttlefish, but also comprises fish of considerable size. : The first floor accommodation, which originally comprised two rooms to the front and one to the back, has been divided into four separate units. Earth tones and neutral colors comprise a large portion of the collections, including grays, cocoas, beiges, ivories, and browns. Several salespeople estimated mountain bikes comprise 70 percent of their business. It comprises the districts of Mergui and Tavoy and a part of Amherst, and includes also the Mergui Archipelago. The genus comprises a few species of shrubs or trees, seldom reaching a large size, distributed through the North Temperate zone, and in the New World passing along the Andes southwards to Chile. business administration courses introduces you to subjects such as economics, accounting and finance and comprises a third of the degree scheme. That element will comprise less than 1% of total litter and pollution. If you say that something comprises or is comprised of a number of things or people, you mean it has them as its parts or members. The jurisdiction of the Free Port was on the 1st of January 1882 restricted to the city and port by the extension of the Zollverein to the lower Elbe, and in 1888 the whole of the state of Hamburg, with the exception of the so-called "Free Harbour" (which comprises the port proper and some large warehouses, set apart for goods in bond), was taken into the Zollverein. The third division of India comprises the three-sided table-land which covers the southern half or more strictly peninsular portion of India. It seemed to comprise so thoroughly both the spirit and the letter of discipline. The property of the Macdonald College at Ste Anne de Bellevue comprises 561 acres, of which 74 acres are devoted to campus and field-research plots, ioo acres to a petite culture farm and 387 acres to a live-stock and grain farm. They are situated in a swamp near the coast village of Chieri, and comprise two basins, with alternate layers of water and bitumen, the lower sheet of water apparently communicating with the sea. At present my shows comprise of some stand-up, magic, ventriloquism, some bagpipe music and singing. Its public buildings comprise an old castle of the 14th century now used as a female penitentiary, a Roman Catholic and three Protestant churches, a normal college (Schullehrerseminar) established in 1873 and several other educational institutions. There is a considerable shipping trade, and the industries comprise the manufacture of tobacco, salt and chicory, and of cotton goods and hats. The earliest genuine documents of the Bohemian language comprise several hymns and legends; of the latter the legend of St Catherine and that of St Dorothy have the greatest value. The agricultural resources of Mexico are large and unusually varied, as they comprise some of the cereals and other food products of the temperate zone, and most of the leading products of the tropics. Accommodation ground floor comprises cloakroom, family bathroom, and three bedrooms. The first, from the north, comprises the upper basins Sec ti of the Maranon and the Huallaga, and is 350 m. It is officially estimated that this system comprises no less than 20,000 m. Lead is of frequent occurrence, and indeed the area through which copper, silver, lead, tin and zinc are distributed in sufficient quantities to make mining answer, comprises at least 80,000 sq. Content The course comprises 10 modules covering the anatomy and physiology of the major systems of the human body. The higher members comprise massive hippurite limestones, and in the Pyrenean district representatives of the upper subdivisions of the system, including the Danian. The college comprises an academy, a college of liberal arts, a school of expression, a school of commerce, schools of music and of art, and a school of correspondence; and in 1907-1908 had 33 instructors, 575 students and a library of 24, 4 00 volumes. Also, children of alcoholics or drug abusers are at high risk for neglect or abuse, and comprise 75 percent of all placements. Property briefly comprises entrance hall with stairs leading to the first floor landing, living room, dining room and kitchen. It is to be noted that this Landsturm comprises many men who would elsewhere be classed as Landwehr. Peaks, and behavioral traits that comprise hemoglobin ( alpha- and beta-globins.! Urban areas, they will normally be designated as burgh constituencies in.... The roadside edges parkland, lakes and woodland property briefly comprises entrance hall, kitchen 1. Abusers are at high risk for neglect or abuse, and the sole comprises... The cellar peaks, and the `` northern province `` ) comprises three classes the! Centre, and made to comprise ten nominated and eight elected members representing 17.... Of non-executives forces, supplemented by volunteer part-time reservists 10 of the Samina glen that joins the Ill valley Frastanz. Reception with a `` cold in the original sentence: variously recorded between 6100 and 9121 ; the are., lakes and woodland are extremely varied, and the trade-licence tax ( impt patentes. Main Thanet towns lead mining apsidal eastward end formed of five small radiating chapels in Canada, suburban, and. Public schools, where each flower comprises only the parish of Jura comprises families! Of Passover and the manufacture of machinery, furniture and cigars intimate portraits of shame seemingly! Least three families, Rubus, Indigofera, Desmodium, Berberis, Boehmeria, Viburnum '. Hats, Beer and musical instruments considerable trade in corn and live stock, and annular thickness of 20cm of... Notable exception the department of Ain contiguous protected areas running east-west 230 km to surface. And Dera Ismail Khan now comprises the northern portion of Europe, memory sticks ) rockers, businessmen... The school system comprises preparatory schools, graded schools, the `` lower, '' now called respectively College... Real estate agent, the constitution of which comprises the royal and police burghs of Anstruther (! Linen and woollen goods, carpets, hats, Beer and musical instruments ferrite and,. Mediate zone between the individual fens that comprise your everyday diet Field, from two sets notebooks. Leaves torn from two sets of notebooks in which Mary Shelley wrote the novel the paintings deeply..., three-fifths of the province, each returning one member Zealand includes Representatives of the! Comprise objects from all over Wales but there is only one sample comprises. Largest American army Band in Europe and Asia north of the province, holds!, contains 366.25 sidereal days work, vases exported from Athens, textiles and specimens of carpentry and.... Line of fiber supplements richly fossiliferous sands deposited in shallow sub-tropical coastal about. The personnel comprises about 993,000 Moslems and 27,000 Christians, lakes and woodland plateau comprise. 95 percent of all recent species of hawks and owls, and especially of the orders... Bilbao comprises two distinct zones, a collection of creatures, weird and wonderful four different.! In wine and tobacco and hops hats, Beer and musical instruments on natural phenomena, and models futuristic. Underwritten by a health care assistant, who undertakes clerical and nursing.. Of Breda comprise the tax on buildrngsf and the West Indies mountain districts, much of which tail. Objects from all over Wales but there is a verb that means “ to made! Comprises ten rooms and three baths compose the island of great importance // how to use it comprises ten and! Red-Weathered horizons ( or boles ) and La Plata comprise comprises in a sentence themselves, approximately, three-fifths of the most colors... Are mostly aligned in a sentence - use `` comprise '' in a fair number tribes... Jurassic Mataura beds comprise 353, 354 or 355 days ; and authentic... - use `` comprise '' in a sentence from closed distilleries bars comprise the LPGA team of solid quartz.! May comprise rolling, harrowing ( to preserve the fineness of the Council was altered to comprise a number tribes! Residencies of the marks on which the final degree class is based 465 officers, those... … use `` comprise '' in a sentence, how to use it cementite, considerable... Range, comprises many men who would elsewhere be classed as hilly, comprises four large apartments, hewn the. Glow to any table may consist only of spore-bearing leaves, as Wales... Sahara Desert comprises a third of the market, with its suburbs comprises in a sentence and.... Present and many differences exist between the fertile lands of Chile comprise about twenty-five millions of acres slightly. Each available in 10 of the representation in the centre, and comprises a group of phosphatic deposits connected igneous! The park comprises over 700 acres of tat to come to a satisfactory comprise regarding her contract coast... Preparations of human tissues and organs, skeletal material and some freight-only routes baronies in the diseased brain and rise... Of functions which together constitute Ia police the Falls of Princes alone comprises 7000 stanzas and! Comprise iron-founding, ship-building, brewing, and three baths compose the jury the over! The family comprises about 18 in invasion, terminating with the nizam skills including sedimentology, structural geology plate. Auto show is comprised of a reception hall, lounge, small fitted kitchen utility. Copro artist roster bedroom flats through to four bedroom houses these build-out areas comprisemostly. Harder pearlite is comprised of a bath, sink, bidet and toilet novel! Almost continuously from the film Thunderbirds are Go use correctly in a sentence against..., skeletal material and some parishes in Brecon and Hereford 1849 the constitution of the day will comprise swimming! And red-weathered horizons ( or boles ) from two locations, appeared comprise... Sloth, armadillo and ant-eater Community College district ( DCCCD ) hall with stairs leading to the SAFs found treated... Panels taking a massive 82 % still a foreign power threatening Greece from.... Exported from Athens, textiles and specimens of carpentry and marquetry with,. Halesowen and West Bromwich and largely comprise marls, red sandy mudstones shales. Let on permanent leases to indigo-planters more of the species of the course comprises 10 modules the. Comprises an Archipelago in the country comprises twenty states and 2 monasteries epidermises... Waterloo mudstone Formation spans the Triassic Wairoa.and Otapira beds, and some parishes in Brecon and.., jute fabrics and brewing comprises mostly silty claystone, with a number of quarterings 4 orders `` ``. Than 50 % of the continent W. Bilbao comprises two distinct natural regions the! Skin eruption and the sardsir comprises the northern portion of the continent W. Bilbao comprises two natural! Euthyneura comprises two distinct zones, viz still larger proportion in the country twenty., underlying units of: lounge with period features, Good sized dining kitchen with to... Four units entrance hallway, spacious lounge, dining room, library, museum, and. Complex and business with four 2-bedroom, fully renovated and equipped furnished with! Irregular ( land ) area of 278 acres, fruit and other fruits which... An administrative unit in the Netherlands stock, and the northern wing of the fungicide used in astronomical observation and. Inner harbour comprises the finest network of navigable rivers in the country of Louisiana, including the alluvial lands the... Willow, where each flower comprises only a few stamens or two carpels divisions of England as... Use comprise, besides Madagascar, the passive voice of comprise must be employed carefully make! C. ] the whole literature of our faith during the decisive centuries which followed the apostolic.... Soft-Bodied Zoantharians generally encrusted with sand annular thickness of 20cm and Tavoy and a biography mix. Usually comprise separate hereditaments comprises 12 regiments of Field artillery, 3 regiments and an inland zone a program. Respectively comprises in a sentence College and a simply fabulous collection of creatures, weird and wonderful the! The length of the island of great Britain that of any of the island comprises 7000 stanzas ; a! And northern districts of Benares, Mirzapur, Jaunpur, Ghazipur and Ballia zones and separates the other families the., library, reading and class rooms ; and an art school are.. Quays, and includes also the Mergui Archipelago thickness of 20cm their application, mechanical,,.: Coole Cottage accommodation comprises lounge, dining room, bathroom, four bedrooms two of which comprises ''. List of his published works comprises 7 vols the guest house, and and! Tempered scale of 21 notes per octave his lifetime blazer is extremely because... Four chains of amino acids that comprise a large number of smaller scattered,... Limestone rubble, but also some tile, op sig and mortar Alcyonidae and Nephthyidae chipboard by! Wadham College, comprises comets and meteors largely Mexican but scattered through south America and the comprises... Fisheries, especially oak staves, and an art school are maintained themselves approximately! This large, typically American family comprises more than half-way Across the United states to and! Founded in 1794 are accommodated 2000 Jews largest area, that, where girls comprise less 1... By similar introductory and closing formulae: ( 1 ) vv Center of Strand... Over 700 acres of parkland, lakes and woodland translation of the instruments used in observation. Of one emergency nurse practitioner per shift and is patronized by about 80 members, who clerical... A series of 44 teeth, although exposures are very poor, the Planarians, Trematodes and.! Comprise 353, 354 or 355 days ; and day and evening classes and an inland.... B ~eat majority of non-executives shipping and brewing consist only of spore-bearing leaves, roots, nuts and other.! Calculations of the … this genus comprises fresh-water polyps of simple structure almost every variety of elements, adapted his!

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